I don't look at the photography of the job.

Begum grow

I focus on the subjects I want to force myself and the people I prefer to pull are the people I think are very courageous and encourage them to reach their potential and then I wonder if I can be such a brave person? " I'm emulating.

You catch a aesthetic breaking the framework of classical beauty concepts in visual transfers. Istanbul and London's "Bare With Me" personal exergy you invite you to pacify with our nudity, sexuality, gender and body perception. So are you so peaceful with your nudity, sexuality and body?

I'm not actually; I think the jobs I do is more reflecting the Alter Egoma. I love processing the topics I'm not very comfortable when I'm staying with myself. With her withdrawing it or with someone else's experience, I feel as if I'm living myself and make me feel free and every time I face him I feel guests. Turkey brought me in Turkey, I love to examine the tabular that has restricted me. The fashion photo is reflected in my history, even when I attract something out of the beauty concepts, it is reflected in the photos that are reflected. The concept of beauty is a very personal situation. In times when I have taken the fashion photo, I need to adapt to the rules as this is supposed to be like this. I have never believed in the beauty patterns of the woman. But here, the attractive effect that the fashion photography brings is reflected in my photos, whatever I pull. For ten years, the touch is still active in my business. Reflection that I can't lose or rise in some way.
From one side, of course, although people are looking at the topics that can disturb them, people make them feel more comfortable while looking at my photos.
Maybe they meet at a common point and make it more acceptable.
When I started to publish photos on Instagram, "Let's see when they are complaining and the inappropriate content stamp will be removed and removed from publication?" The question was curious. Some photos were not complained although it shows the bare chest. So that I can offer me the way I can offend in a point, this also makes me happy.

What trigger the trigger of the eye of the eye and the trigger of the trigger.

I'm a fish zodiac sign already, I'm a living world. Although I think myself with questions for my artist identity, I think I'm an artist in my soul. Therefore my impulses are very instinctive. I never think that when I'm working "It's what I do so if I do this," I don't think. On the contrary. After doing it, I put it next to each other side by side and see how close to each other and what subjects I have processed. I focus on the subjects I want to force myself and the people I prefer to pull are the people I think are very courageous and encourage them to reach their potential and then I wonder if I can be such a brave person? " I'm emulating. Such a situation as having courage in their courage. All of these factors I have counting causes me to attract that photo.

What did you say that the dried flowers that you are humanized in "A Family Portrait"?

"Life is too short," they say. Pre-pandem actually want to process with people on the subject of people. When the pandem explodes, we turned off to the houses and actually in a period that I had no contact with anyone. One Nevi I have already received, I personify the blossoms in the house to dry and reflected them that project. But you notice that; their lifetimes so short. The flowers are nice to stay beautiful in the house, and then leaving themselves in such a month and lose their vitality, and actually a sign of death. I found it very close to the world of feeling that I am in the quarantine. You're closing to somewhere and go through time and you are actually getting old every day in that time. O The effect also caused me to humanize the flowers.

What excites you in life?

Actually the little things are always excited me. What do I know rather than the big steps, drinking wine with a friend in the evening, a subject we talk to, when we are talking on the road, to coincide the sun that we don't notice in our daily life, "Can I transfer the feeling of these moments in my daily life?" The question makes me very excited and inspires me.

How should we dream the creation process?

My creation process is incredibly messy; The more ideas in my head is that the information is moving at the speed of light in connection with each other, it is very difficult to catch. I wish I could be a printer like a printer, if I can print what is going on in my mind and make a continuous mind map. When you hold the block of this, "Oh yeah, I thought that like that!" What would be nice to be able to follow. I do Mood Boards too, so that is most of the time that I don't fit in the walls of my house. I don't know maybe I'm a visual person but actually trying a little messy.

Which Super Strength of Art Provides You To You?


Where are inspired perer's where and how do you have an attitude?

NEW YORK but I have never gone to New York. I like to be an izle and chaotic. I live in London but London is very cautious and political alternate. My inspiration is more grotome. An old soul, a long time living, tired but also loving to live at the same time. A masked masculine.

These breaks are your soul to what?

To be honesty and modesty.

How are you reacting when the soul feels hunger to something and unable to reach it?

I'm aggressive, I'm getting angry myself. The ones that are close to this is attracting many of me.

What feelings don't you get to? Which one do you go to bed with?

I don't look at the photography of the job. It is, my lifestyle, life to live life is an area where I tried to make continuous progress. And in the present period, I cannot see a development in terms of both psychological and the possibilities, and this is very uncomfortable with me.

Who or what wraps his wounds?

I don't get big wounds; My feelings are constantly bumpy. I already hurt myself every day in emotional sense of myself. Sometimes I can sit and cry for the slightest thing, then burn a candle, "If I do a nice meal?" I can pass a beautiful fashion by saying. We don't have any other rather than wrapping our own wounds when we don't get anything right now. No one can understand you as much as you. The process of any production sounds so it sounds like therapy. I'm not talking about the art of art, it can also be cooking.

Would you describe your life with a cuff?

You like me as you get to know me.

Is there a mission you have uploaded to?

After I'm 50, a young boy gets to see and meet me when you enter a bookstore in Tokyo. So I would like to be able to leave something behind.

Strange stories per person which is the poke?

I'm not a person who opens trouble to me, my risk forecast is too high or even more cautious. Bela, this is already due to my state of being cautious already.

The square of c. One day, "Oh I wish I were there!" I say, the next day, "What will I do there?" I can say. When I look at Istanbul, "What a lovely place is this place, there is no partner in the world," I say but the moment you actually see; Istanbul has an aura, he is in fact that he is actually, but you can't live it in any time. A strange state. Istanbul is a really unique city.

Istanbul is a person though the gender would be? How would it be an attitude?

The perception of me is tooth. Coming exactly the old Istanbul woman comes in the eye on the eye. Stylish and elegant.
Prepared for hours before leaving the house, ironed, gloves, bags, a female female woman, I'm dreaming of a female female woman, Istanbul.

Istanbul and London they meet and what do they call each other?

Istanbul, "If the Abi is a bit comfortable!" SHE.
London also, "You're overdrift too, get a little off!" would say.

What is the gender and attitude of London?

I have no gender. Non-Binary. The attitude is political, so it sounds like she is losing some honesty. So Istanbul invites him to be a little more comfortable.

What are the defense mechanisms you frequently use?

I'm doing a lot of fitting in logic. I produce apology and excuses on behalf of other people.
Like I took myself to defend, I'm making explanations to myself in the name of the fact that other people are making it logic and by empathizing by empathy. I am trying to understand.

What is the most scaring you the best what comes to your mind?

Death. I'm not afraid of death but it sounds so terrible to me because I don't know what the moment of dying is like. Sounds like it will be cruel.

You have a tavra that you know very clearly what you want. What is the valve of that?

Actually I don't think I'm ever. However, the reason for such a reflection may be related to me to spend a lot of time to know myself. I question myself so much. He is also doing a Nevi Expression refined.

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