I'm the best of my wounds. I have a collection of wound bands that I h – shopi go


I'm the best of my wounds. I have a collection of wound bands that I have saved for years.

Joana Kohen

Can you tell us about the clay pots that you have painted specially for Shopi Go Art and the handmade paper you do?

The Iznik tile pottery is a kraft, handmade Washi papers that I have been working in a very long time; Since I have started my art production in 2010, the bases I work are identical to the same conditions, only as the day I guess my art practice becomes more primitive. I would always be primitive to my early work, now my fear was my main practice.

What excites you in life?


Which Super Strength of Art Provides You To You?

The strength of research.

If Joana's dictionary is; what would be the first 5 words

Did you understand?
I could tell?
I know.
I do not know.
Do not talk nonsense.

How should we dream the creation process?


These breaks are your soul to what?

To socialize.

How are you reacting when the soul feels hungry against something and unable to reach it?

I'm getting grumpy.

Who or what wraps his wounds?

The best I wrell. I have a very good wound band collection I can choose their size according to years.

Would you describe your life with a cuff?

The famous artist was found dead in Joana Kohen rabies.

Is there a mission you have uploaded to? What?


What is the ruling reactions that have opened trouble per

My sexual urge.

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