Gif is the art of movement.

Meltem hawk

My art production process, by introducing unknown areas that I cannot imagine myself thinking of myself, moving me to a completely different level, making me see my full potential by transforming my jobs and meks.

You encourage "Micro Relations" to think about love. We have changed or changed as society as society?

This job was actually a job I questioned new Queer relationship forms with the rise of the polygamia and the open relationship. I wanted to reconsider the idea of ​​redeeming love using figures in a particular race, social status, humanitarian, the qualitative features of beauty, in the sex-positive attitude. This Queer conversation offers a world on the other side of all dualism and imposing social norms.
The work in which 4 different "love" is observed is triggering the minds of minds through bodies. Moreover, the rhythm of the bodies also show himself in a parallel integrity with the combination of colors. It is not only ourselves, but also as the celebration of all others and an alternative life.

Underlying, one of the psychics you like to use GIF. So why?

I have seen the rise of animation gifs while master in America. The main newspapers of the ratio had begun to choose editorial gifs instead of magazines editorial illustrations. The full name of the department I read in America is "Illustration Practice". There is only two dimensions, I have learned that the gifs that I have made is that the kinetic statues are also left in this practice. And I wanted to move different media to the art. Gif is the art of movement. As an illustrator, when I start to produce gifs, I have tried to transfer more naïve, defective and improvisation style in the nature of my illustrations. As a stylized drawing of the gifs is not expected to move 100% appropriate to the fact, it is not expected to act in a stylized manner (this contrary may be a manner of course). I also try to create a bit of self-research, as it is a bit of self-research, as it is completely unfinished, when you transfer these "imperfect" style animations in my visuals.

In addition, the repeat nature of the gifs caused me to head to my gifs. I think that nature strengthens the message I want to tell. It is also very exciting me to have a bridge between animation with an animation.

Imagining how the character I created will act, making me deepen my feelings and ideas about the character. I need to decide this character's personality and how to affect his movements in the form of gif.

Could you tell the creation process when designing brands private instagram filters?

To date, I produced two filters to musicians such as Gülbaba Music, such as Melike Hawk. On my creative process, I speak to the artist and listen to their music and produce filters in my own style much more on my own. The "Koikoi" filter that I produce for the "healing" number of Calling Mag's "Koikoi" filter was actually in the way to interpret the heal as my artist.

The production process of 2 filters that I produce to Design Biennial with iKSV and DiGilogue work union was very different. The filter called "empathy plane" is designed according to the typographic identity of this year of biennial and I applied that to the filter. The user can experience the "Empati Re-Em" on his own and a monolith, which is like a monolith, and to experiencing the moving around the plane. Our exit point here was actually that these "Empati rebuilt" and the idea of ​​people can carry the memories of people's own environments.

In 1970, Guy Coggins invented a camera that can capture the auras over the electromagnetic area surrounding the body of people. Studio Maria João Macedo, which design all the visual identity of the Bienal of this year, are very impressed by these Aura photos. We also wanted to design "Empati Aura" on this output point.
Now, I have new filters on the concept of the current exhibitions of the current exhibitions called "Protecting Your Job" and the bad effects of social media on XOXO.

How do you describe the healing power of your art?

The name of my Master thesis project was "Negative pleasure". Negative pleasure borrowed from the famous Philosopher Kant is a supreme experience. The supreme feeling is a kind of continuous change between the strange pleasure of seeing "crushed" with overwhelming fear. One of the first articles of the Supreme Theory can be found in the Book of Observing on the Feeling the Nice and Almighty: "The Various Feelings of Enjoyment or of Displeasure Rest Not Much Upon The Nature of The External Things That Arouse Them As Upon Each Person's Disposition To Be Moved by THESE TO PLEASURE AND PAIN. "
Yes, I'm attracting pain in my production as an artist but I also feel very happy with myself, I'm satisfied. My art production process is introducing unknowingly unknowing areas of myself thinking about myself, making me my full potential by moving my work to a completely different level and transform my jobs and my self. However, I believe that I really have face to face the imperfections and strengths of Meltem. This is the never-ending learning process, keeping me on a kind of middle road, without so much delirion. The "MyQuarantineFriend" I start in the quarantine is from the most concrete examples of it.

Can you tell me about the "My Quarantine Friend" project that we can follow the pandemide and follow the formation through social media? Almost about to end. Can you tell me about your emotional stages?

Before the pandem begins, I wanted to go to the United States and focus on my academic and art career, but I was in the case of postponing all my plans with the start of the release. While spending this quarantine process in Marmaris with my friends in Marmaris, I started "My Quarantine Friend" to deal with the anxiety I live with my quarantine friend project. My quarantine I designed in human size my friend, the tiny beads was a personal job I start by processing it. Having a calming and slow paced by the nature of the bead processing really came to the concern. This friendship starting in the creation process will always continue. Now my days, since I woke up in the morning, I'm going through this new friend and I'm very pleased with that.

On the one hand, there is a challenge foot for people who have difficulty in their homes such as this project or just boring. You can also make your own insulation companion and share them with Instagram tag.

What would Quarantine Friend tell us about you?

I would probably like me primarily obsessed, because I have changed your body very times, I took my very long time to decide on the last look. Second, it was also a project that was full of compassion, because since the beginning of the creation process without leaving him alone, patiently and very labor. Even more than the project, it was a friendly.

What is Meltem's manifesto like?

As an artist grown in Turkey, the defective and temporary beauty is the idealized beauty of the western culture with the principal eastern culture. Since my childhood, I have been dealing with the eastern culture, the oddness of the universe, the beauty of their details and the melancholy of the last time. With my pictures, I try to create figures in sex-positive attitude, rather than trying to create a model that alienates individuals from their existence of real life, which do not include a model that imitates real life's assumptions.

Because of the curious nature I'm inclined to explore the new areas I have never entered. Two years ago, I started to learn digital manufacturing tools such as laser cutting and 3-dimensional printing. Thanks to this new media, I switched to produce electronically or mechanically operating optical illusion toys. Regardless of the ultimate technique, animation, ceramic or toy invites neon-color hermaphrodite or androgen people to the audience in the space, from the same universe, and androgen people. This experience also makes the feeling of pain and pleasure, while the viewers are intuitively adopting their own extracts.

How do you see an equation between gender?

I see the concepts of sexual identity, orientations and behaviors not as a or B points that need to be reached, as a continuing pursuit of finding, self-finding. I am wrong to create sexual identity perceptions over double and contrasts. And I think all these concepts should be treated as a spectrum.

What is it for you to be in the harmony? What does it allow you to be in the harmony?

I was unable to protect my own bathroom so much up to 4 years ago. 4 years ago in Thailand, I close to a temple in Thailand and remained completely quiet for 11 days. This silence in the outside has made room for different sounds in me and gave them the opportunity to talk to them. Now, if the providers of the steam are camping in nature for me, making rock climbing, meditating, Meditating, I'm on my sketch books in my visual logs.

Which fault you do is think you make you stronger?

When I graduated from the university, I wanted to enter advertising agencies as well as every new graduates. Even during that period, the founder of Alametifarika Serdar Erener stimulates me, so that I am very bright and creative to the future and the agencies will kill my creativity and the agencies will kill me Freelance to work. Most people around me saw that as an error. I also truly forced in the first time in the monetary sense and I thought so much. No one expects it in the door, but despite this, I didn't give up on this "error".
It took my job as Freelance. But so I have been able to explore my own way, who are not afraid to take risks, in an unending quest.

If you can beam somewhere, where would it be?

For the first great trauma in life I would like to beam my birth moment and see that moment.

What is the personal struggle?

To stop, break, to be able to put distance when necessary.

What is the fund music of your life?

The Doors- The Soft Parade

Curator of the PMS exhibition, can you tell us about the point of emergence of your exhibition?

After the subject of the exhibition is "PMS" especially after I returned from America, there was an enlightenment in gender issues, together in me, a uneasiness was born in me. PMS violence against women, in this world, where our humanity is pushed into the background of our humanity, was born in the needs of an area where our feminism has been owned, generally, the feeling of feeling that is commonly associated with women, even the hystericism, even the hystericism was embraced.

Very reconciliation has a size and one with your works, you are in vulnerability. Where does the road to this peace go through?

The giraffe fitted to me because of the fact that it is very long and weak in elementary school, the nicknames of the nicknames such as Safinaz. I also did the first automobile as a giraffe. This has embraced my own size with my own body in time when taking part as a break in my life.

What would it be of a channel? What was generally published?

For adults, Adult Swim tastes a distant and inclusive animation channel without other stretching. There was even a platform medium where there is no bureaucratic obstacles as in Adult Swim, everyone can join their own project and creative ideas.

What would be the name you wear in another reality?

Tribe member Step I used to use BreezeHawk :)

If you were a special day what would it be? What was celebrated all over the world?

We are always used to celebrating the days of people. If I were, I would declare the world of non-human beings!

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