One of the most important things in life be able to amuse ourselves

Mesut Öztürk

I try to figure out what the aesthetics of the aesthetics that make the timeless works are the timeless and creating something new. I believe that we are a timeless aesthetic sense we cannot identify the formula in us.

What excites you in life?

Spontaneous journeys, see new cities, see new areas of a city I know or start new projects. New beginnings and discoveries excite me.

We are disabled to travel because of the pandemia. So how do you savor the urge to explore, sightseeing?

The pandem has made me very hard in this respect because I'm a person who really loves to travel.
My family is in Edirne, when I go to visit them. Actually my hometown is Bulgaria. I am going to get there sometimes and even passing the border, it gives me the feeling that has gone abroad. I am also looking forward to the normal life to normal and traveling again.

Bulgaria, with the works of socialism, it is necessary to feed you more as an architect.

Absolutely. I love monuments a lot. Have abandoned factories; It takes me to a very interesting feeling world to experience them. It was interesting in an economic sense of a brighter period and it is interesting to see the remains of the bright period. Each town has a factory, for example, now all abandoned. It is very ambitious, wonderful and gigantic monuments in large cities. When I go to a city I will also visit the memorial there.

Ring vases consist of pastel colors. In which point of view does this selection reflect the world of emotion?

I think it is parallel with my internal world. I have a colorful interior in the world, but I don't think I reflect it out to the outside. Obviously I have some innovation and quiet structure. Colorful but colors are calm and faded; I can say as reflection of my character in this respect.
The ancient references related to forms are concerned and in the back of the rational work, but the colors are instinctive.

If there was a village of ring vases, what would their ideologies like the village of Smurfers?

I just said they were all the family in the first place but they're 125 right now and they really create a village. They would be an egalitarian and democratic community. They were managed by an assembly of a vase of each color in the management staff. I think a democratic board of directors representing each color would take a common decision. There is also a broken vases in between. I don't take them on the exhibition or sale, I usually give them a gift to my mother. There is a broken vases exhibition at the house in Edirne. In this village, it was probably the positive discrimination on the broken vases.

What are you fascinating you in the world you create?

The creation process itself is quite fascinating for me; I especially my excitement during production makes me feel alive. In general, the reactions of people are very surprised by me. I have never guessed that they will ever love and care about when doing. I got very nice and positive comments and this was very excited of me.

Then let's touch the world-famous designer Simon Porte Jacquemus to the response to the ring vases. He shows the ceramics of the Mediterranean Region that determines the identity of the space at the Oursin's restaurant opened in Paris. These include mesut Öztürk signed ring vases. Can you tell me about your and vases this beautiful airy?

It was something I have never expected. In the summer of 2019, I applied to a collective exhibition in Paris and I was accepted. I joined in five vases. Jacquemus has also arrived at the opening and purchased five in the opening cocktail. I was in a corner I was drinking wine with my friends too. Curator said, "All of the vases were sold, took Jacquemus," I wanted to meet and thank you of course. He said he was very relevant to the vases and he was looking for vases to exhibit in the new restaurant in Paris. Then, our communication continued and the ten vasomes were sold in another event organized by Jacquemus. It was a very nice coincidence for me. Vases are very quickly heard, both in Turkey and enabled popularity in Europe. It was really very exciting for me.

What would they say in a fantastic reality of the works and what they start talking?

While doing the ring vases, I look like so much cute creatures when I look after it is no purpose. Funny and happy, I have a feeling as they are having fun, I'm on them. When I look at this sense, we can simulate Teletubbies. They are full of rods and loving. "Let's hug tight," may say.

Which Super Strength of Art Provides You To You?

I think the artist personality is liberating man. I believe it has freedom of movement more independent of social norms when identified as an artist. There are some social molds or pressures that prevent us from revealing our principal self. I've got various identities in different periods of my life. As a white collar period as architect, it was also an academically a period of progress. Whether you are involved, a framework that determines the field of action and the way you behave with these roles. I feel much more free with my artist identity, as I can do what I want and express my original self.

Who is your superhero and why?

Dede Rick Sanchez in Rick and Morty. I find Rick very close to myself. Aware of the meaninglessness and absurdity of life, it is very bored, but in the face of it, in the garage, which has created a world, amuses himself with inventions. Someone who can change the world with inventions but it doesn't pursue this, it just chooses to create one's own world and exist in him. I actually started in the ceramic practice for this purpose; to entertain myself. I couldn't sound like a very healthy decision from the social point of view, ultimately I had an academic career and I had the possibility of continuing as architect, but I wasn't feeling well in these areas, but I'm not feeling well in these areas and I'm going to put them in ceramics. I think one of the most important things in life is to amuse ourselves.

What would be the first 5 words in Mesut's dictionary?

Discovery, create, learn, journey and play.

Where are inspired perer's where and how do you have an attitude?

Inspiration Perim is living in a maze of caverns. I don't always reach him, someone a bit navy. Most of the time, I need to seek it out to the caves and call him. I need to work seriously by getting in and out of all dehis. Self-insistent and showing itself when I believe. Rarely goes out of the cave and waves me. Very rare, though special moments are going on. I think I'm gonna be unhappy to the emergence of my search motivation. If you enjoy it, I don't have an urge to produce something already, but if I fell into unhappiness, I'm going to get rid of something to get rid of this situation, and actually enter the creation process at that point.

How should we dream the creation process?

Creation is a long process. Before the inspiration is going to call back. The inspiration fairy is of course a metaphor, alone and the mold with yourself. What I have to do, how can I do, how to reveal something unique, a process of finding answers to a series of questions. A lot of sketches, hundreds of drawing and many of them are trash. Need a serious focus at this stage. I can't get good results when I start and produce this period early. I am trying to rest the sketches I do and try to evaluate my book again after a few days and evaluate it with an objective eye. When I plan my every step properly, the application part is more secured and enjoyable.

How do you define your art's timelessness?

It is assertive to say untimely to my own production. Don't know if my production is timeless, it shows time but inspired works with timeless aesthetics; the dish, pots and statues of ancient civilizations. I try to look at them and adapt them to a contemporary form language. In fact, I try to figure out what the aesthetics that makes the timeless works timeless and trying to create something new with his essence. I believe that we are a timeless aesthetic sense we cannot identify the formula in us. The artifacts that move this feeling do not lose the update.

What are your properties that reflect the child in? How are you feeding her?

The boy in me is a quite dominant character. He knows that when I try to silence him. I also love him. It was a period I tried to exhibit more adult attitudes. To start the ceramics, it was actually an attempt to release the child in me drinks, to make peace with it. That period has entered a self-inquiry process. "I used to be a happy boy who used to be, why am I unhappy now?" I said. "Then what were the things that make me happy?" Asking questions like and remember that the answer is to produce something to myself and play a game. I would do something with the legos at that time, I would create shapes with the game dough, I would have shaped the clay soil in the garden. I would have fun with myself, I was always satisfied with the act of creating individual. The output point that I started into the ceramics was in fact the desire to wake up the child in me again. I love playing games. I create games from the most irrelevant things in moments I'm bored. Trying to guess the number of steps on a ladder, walking to the joint without pressing the joints or trying to attach an object to a target ...

What is your relationship status with Istanbul?
A: In the relationship
B: Mixed
A: We left but we can't break
D: Open relationship

I'm increasing: Equity. I decided to leave but I can't say. I'm a child of an immigrant family. We migrated every 10 years. I was born in Bulgaria, I migrated to Bursa, from there to Edirne's Enez district, then Edirne to the center, and then to Istanbul.
Istanbul, it was the longest stay. I filled up the MIDE for me, I haven't stepped to leave yet but I can go recently from Istanbul.

Which city do you cheat on Istanbul?

I can cheat with Paris. By recent recently, he was always Berlin passing from the heart but I had a nice surroundings after the exhibitions in Paris. Of course, there is also a ceramic and there is no workshop, I can exhibit, according to more likely Berlin; Because I don't know anyone in this sense in Berlin and when I migrate to another city I am aware that I will have strangers in many issues at first. Considering these factors, Paris is more attractive. It can be deceived with an Aegean town but.

Istanbul is a person though the gender would be? How would it be an attitude?

I can evaluate the question of how it would be an attitude to me. Istanbul is like a long-standing flirt for me. The duration of flirting is exceeded, unable to evaluate a true relationship, the name cannot be issued, but it cannot be broken. You cannot finish when you want to finish. We are in such contradiction. I actually got the decision to finish but I couldn't tell himself yet.

What is the most suitable personality disorder to Istanbul?

Anxiety disorder of course, anxiety. In the pre-panda process, we were facing many tensions in traffic and public transport.

What tools do you use on behalf of raising their awareness?

I'm not doing much, in fact, I was trying to stay in more stream. However, the pandem presented an opportunity to face your own problems and to face your fears and be friends with yourself. That's why I'm not doing anything but also those breaks. But I think that you are so awareness and friendly with ourselves and I would like to re-flow again.

What is the most scaring you the best what comes to your mind?

Of course the way to arrive something per my parents is very shakards me. But we all have many fear and desire for our inner world. Again I noticed that in the process of the pandemia, I noticed that I have noticed me down, who attracts me down, disappoint people who lying in my subconscious feeling of people who are disappointing. An meaningless fear is actually and it needs to be aware of that. Otherwise you are starting to say a lot of yes and you are making a lot of decisions that you are compromising yourself and then regret it. Not a healthy situation.

What are the defense mechanisms you frequently use?

I usually ignore or ignore it when I encounter a problem. I never give instant reactions when there is a problem, I don't feel sorry, I'm raging and actually press very well. "Okay, I'm fine," I say. However, every feeling that is suppressed is inhabitant, and that moment I can sit and get my sadness, or I can get the way if I shout and call. I have been trying to face problems since I realized this attitude; I hope I will succeed.

We are changed and transformed assets. This year has threw big formats to us. Although it's a hard year, what happened to you more closer to you?

There was a sieve on friendships Pandemi, the acquaintances in which we met. This led to our stay more with ourselves; Because when you continually socialize, you are connecting to the essence and confront yourself. When the number of people decreases, I could say better friends with myself.

What was the song that accompanies you when you overcome everything this year?

According to Spotify's allegation, it is mostly listed from Lil Zey "our way is not the way". A rapper that I discovered this year. I didn't listen to all year lil zey in fact; How Spotify has an algorithm, I don't know but listened to the English in general in general.

What would you be in a special day what would you be celebrated all over the world?

World would be the day of playing game. It would be a day everyone plays games. There may be any game: Beer Pong, Darts, Scrabble, Football, Mikeket, Backgammon, Frisbee, Stone in the sea ...

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