Sex is a tool and this is looking at our way of use. – shopi go


Sex is a tool and this is looking at our way of use.

Craving is famous

Thing that pushes me to do that; Since we were born to tell us about sexuality. Starting with 'storks' and we are equipped with a shame and sins coded over gender.

The center of their work is located in Erotism and pornography. It is quite innovative and therefore provocative in accordance with the country you are growing. Can you tell you about the negative and positive return to you?

Disallowed by the environment, don't ignore. As a result, we are living in this country, we are under pressure and the subjects I'm udeled are subjects described as taboo. The end of this arranging to an autosansurance. I need to protect myself due to my production. Erotic jobs are being molested because I produce. It is very difficult to be a woman and artist in a country where the fair and law is not implemented, the fairness is considered to be in a systematic way.
Positive return; stubbornly and loving the job that i do touch people, seeing a door on them. When I share my production and research, the people who are excited to be excited to talk to and share on the issues I'm an examination.

What pushes you to do that? What is an impulse and why erotic and pornography?

Thing that pushes me to do that; Since we were born to tell us about sexuality. It begins with the 'storks' and is equipped with gender-coded shams and sins, causing us to live in an unhealthy manner of our most basic needs (love, compassion, sex). I don't think that most people have a mean healthy sexual life. It is more happy than though and I think we had in peace.

What is your mission?

Your sexuality is one of the most natural needs of sex; I will be so frightened, trying to show that it's nothing to hitch. There is a concept of common consent. Something to be used in this most basic association. Whatever people can live on the mutual approval whatever they want, the one side is victimized when they are not considered and we see the examples of them every day.

Do you think sex gun?

I think everything is gun. Sex is a tool and this is looking at our utility skill :) Is sex gun? Depends on the point of view; We can also make something in our hand or something in our usage. The more it is suppressed, the more it is exaggerated and the different ways.

Can you tell me about the performance work that you include the viewer? How should we imagine?

I'm generally enforcing my performances so that the viewer is more actively involved in participation in more actively. What I intended with that is actually that we can get the viewer in the field and experience that process mutually. E.g; In my Tape performance, my whole body had entered the performance area with a banded manner with the parcel tape, a person "Conducted with my whole body tapes, would you help to remove it?" Having their currency around and people come and pull out the bands. Everyone removed the bands on me with a different assistance. The tape was very strong and we robbed my skins, hurt, shouted. However, they continued until completely naked and lasted 6 minutes. Thing I questioned this performance; "What goodness was how good."

You are also in Shibari, can you briefly talk about it and what is the surrender for you in this context?

Shibari is the art of japanese aesthetic binding. Hojojutsu Denile, Kadim Battle Art has emerged to the Japanese bedroom and erotically evaluated. The dominant is the association of what is delivered. Is based on common consent; There is Safe Word and no means no. I just got my first Shibari class when I went to Japan 2016 and continued to work when I return. I've made my first performance in 2018 and proceeded regularly. I was also giving education and seas. With the pandem with the pandem, all my work with physical people stopped.

The person needs to surrender in creation. All kinds of ideology and belief systems are serving this. We hold on to something, include and feel safe. The same in the submission in Shibari. The person realizes the area in which it covers its own in the bond, it is uncomfortable and the portions that are uncomfortable ... You feel self-belonging and safe.

Which Super Strength of Art Provides You To You?

Travel time, tilt and bending time.

Who is your superhero and why?

Flap Jack Cartoon Flap Jack :) But the perception of heroism makes me think of me; Why, how is the hero? Everyone actually expect the hero of yourself but wait for a savior. Aslolan to be able to turn ourselves into a hero to save ourselves.

What tools do you use on behalf of raising their awareness?

5 My sensation is balanced, measured and trying to saturate with care. I am reading, watching life and listen. I feel myself with beautiful smells and feel the life of my life. I try to flex my body, to create space for my mind, and observe and weigh in my feelings.

What would you be in a special day what would you be celebrated all over the world?

I would declare the day of nudity. Everyone all over the world you are undress, I would like to face their nudities. The bonfire can be, eating, drinking, dancing; May you celebrate this way. People would be in a very different place if people face their nudities even once in the community.

What song is playing in your life's fund?

Sometimes ankara air, sometimes novel air but mostly without music.

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