The only way is the point, I guess man must have its own internal sound.

Tamer embroidery

"I see our journey to the future as a bridge to connect us to our index and prehistoric humanity equation. The future does not mean only technology. "

"You are in the list of 100 young talents" to determine the creative future of Europe, and you are also one of the 10 Turkish contemporary artists to be recognized according to the International Art Platform Artsy. This situation must be a very nice approval and also motivation on behalf of the production. What is your feelings related to this topic?

Firstly, thank you. Since the beginning of the road I believe I have to say something around the world in some places. I don't say this to put myself somewhere, but I think but something happens when he work with motivation and vision. I wanted to touch the corners of the world, I will never meet all those people with my ideas. My aim to be able to change the world in this way. In some way, it was always so, if I can be inspired what happily me ... ultimately, once you are coming to this life, whatever you want to do, it is worth going after. When I was a student in Mimar Sinan yet, I was served in Fiat's concept design department in Italy and my focus was always the world of future. I think I feel more free in the international area, I'm progressing on that route.

How do you think increased reality technology will penetrate our lives?

Do you remember, once there were smartphones, people used to have a life of happy mesut playing "Snake" on their phones. (Nokia 888 can be remembering my project. Therefore, it is very natural that people cannot imagine the next digital transformation. However, this time we are really about to step to the world we are not really used to. The thing that comes is not only one technology; Just as Walkman invention is a device that will open the door of a whole new perception size. Maybe our senses we never know are our movements, feelings will develop. Whether you get all the buildings crimson in the evening when you're on the evening, you say that all buildings are crimson and the world around you is completely changing the size. Lying on the grass with your lover, you are watching the sky and you can only write his name in the clouds in a world that both of you can view. Think like a visual radio channel. Countless layers will be added over the reality. They will bring in the design and architectural areas as well as the breakthrough size. The subject of the "holographic collaboration" is now spoken. With this method, users in different parts of the world may be able to work at the same time, and maybe the design will be able to see the design of the design while the architects will see the design on a building site. This technology is already on the current and plans over a type of preparation process through the filters. Soon, this technology with AR glasses will well be thoroughly in our lives and the limits of what is real and not to be eliminated. I am excited to experience this world in person. It will also be interesting to witness this change in humanity. A fairly serious virtual world dependence is present, they will be extreme. On the other hand, I think AR is a technology with the potential to overcome our collective consciousness when used in the good direction. At least we'll lift our head up the screens and look at the real world. This is a detail not to be missed.

IWD2021 has been your opportunity to meet Iris Apfel. At the beginning of the #FutureisBlankHats had one of the designs. I am very curious about Iris Apfel as a fashion icon.

It was extremely fun to meet Iris; About two years ago, we met for the launch of the cooperation with Nude in New Museum in New York. It was an unforgettable night. The invitees were also a colorful, as if it was literally celebrating the creativity ... Iris has an unspeakable energy. We've never had a stranger when we met. (Of course, my hat looked as follows, a photo of that moment, I always remember that he was holding my hand, even he or she even made a small mspor I don't know whether she remembers me and your hat but I remember all the accessories on him and I will never forget that miraculous energy I have received from it.

Does the designer become the moments of the overlay in the creation time as an artist and an artist?

Of course it is happening but the sparks from where he coincides are sometimes. To this question, "I'm in a point between both," I don't want to respond. For me, they are both strengthening each other. One of my father's a friend may not balance, "Anyone can be a good architect but everyone can play a good architect who can play the piano Said, "I said. I was in the high school; I was fining my future on the one hand. I have never left the piano in the theater, I'm doing it in the theater, I guess it's a good director that I'm close to me. It reminds me, I'm lucky to have been able to express myself multidimensional, deeper.
In this respect, I am establishing the design projects within the framework of a concept I call "Undesigned"; The tip open designs are creating products that find meaning with each person's own touch.

What message did you give you a personal wake-up message (Wake-up Call) every morning?

It's a pleasant thought to imagine who the message is coming with ...

What is the equation of human, space and object?

Every day, I am establishing new scenarios that can be produced in this equation in every second. I can describe the job I do this way. It is not an equation to solve the components because it is not possible, but a key approach I questioned the validity of the existing rules and expectations when starting each project is for me. The equation is very simple, in fact, this is going to see everything in a sense as well as to see the world with a different eye. What would we have a day on another planet?

One kind of future passenger. So what is your indispensable in this journey?

Orange cube, nooka watches and my cat Shiva.

The past, the future and US / self I what is your equation?

I try to discover that I don't always exist in my works, to bring something to the day from the future. But I have the points I feel I touched the past trying to reach out to the future. I see our journey to the future as a bridge that will eventually connect us to our self and prehistoric equation. The future doesn't only mean technology.

Was there a encounter that provides change / transformation in art life?

The Residency period I spent in Gate 27 last year was the very guiding period for me. Dear Beral Madron's curated with domestic and foreign artists to be inwarded with domestic and foreign artists added me a new perspective. I have experienced a process where my artist is settled in my identity.

Is there a virtue that you argue?

None of us have the universe, we don't know the head of all of this, the end, the meaning of it more than someone else. Let's say, at the end of the road there are things that no one can explain, there is a miracle in the middle. So I believe everything is possible and I always keep myself open to all frequencies and possibilities. Like many of us, I'm looking for that answer too. That gives me strength. #futureisblank

Sit and inspiration is not expected. Can you tell me about the inspiration journey to GEO II on the Dabeteree on Shopi Go Art?

Actually a series from the past, GEO series. I placed the first product of the series on an abandoned building in Cihangir in Cihangir in 2012. But then one morning, only a few days after installation, we heard that the installation was stolen from the roof! So I was never able to hold it with my hand, it was an idea that I always wanted to go back to me, and after many years in Gate 27 again. This time I decided to bring it back on a big scale, with a new interpretation. Shopi Go Art had a long time in the building at the Dabukdere. In my head, he could not be expected to be otherwise otherwise seen. Then at the installation stage, the Shopi GO Art team, which has been implemented in exciting size and new format with its support. At the night of December 31, he started his journey with the chelyer with the closet children playing in the water pool in front of Arter.

I'm interested in anaglyph 3D issue, here we physically implemented this effect with a thin engineering and labor. Even those who see closely think sometimes is projection or hologram. You can even perceive the form 3-dimensional when you look at the pictures taken with the Red-Cyan glasses. A project Geo series an open project as always for me. I'm currently working on an ar filter and NFT project.

You are constantly in production; In this case what is your relationship with the time?

"According to a theory revealed in the 1920s, the human time could only measure by comparing the time as he lives so much. For example, 1 week for a 1-month baby, corresponding to one of his life 4, or with the same calculator with the same calculator, it corresponds to the perception of a 70-year-old person of a 70-year-old person. For this reason, as compared to people, the years are passing faster as they are faster or when he was small that summer holidays come to us as years. The reason I explain this is that the time is relative to every live. Breaking this cycle is also through change, how much you live so much, you live so much; I also try to experience life more to different experiences, different cities, different projects. All of my time is going to find the intersections between the world in me and real life, I'm in constant production as you say. Of course, time is not enough but I have never been a complaint from this situation. As long as I have new things to say, I feel like one of the lucky people who have found the purpose of his life as long as I can reveal meaningful jobs. I feel that the pandem is the process of the process and our new life layout, such as many artists.
Finally I found the time to focus on my music, even very soon I will have a publication about it. I'm so excited I can say that much for now.

Which habit did you last last?

If I could give up my perfectionism it would be perfect.

Is there a continuous repetitive loop or her life?

When in my life when I feel that I'm not fully understood in my own or by my surroundings, a sign from an unexpected places in an unexpected place is on the right path and the existing equation is invalid at a time. I pass to the next step. My mother, "Every year is a great thing to you in the fall, are you aware of?" der to me. The only way is the point, I guess man must have its own internal sound.

You are encountering tamer from the future, what did you first ask him?

Of course the first to mind: did the aliens come?

One of the most cautious effects of producing is the more critical approach of the artist's self and its works. How do you silence or use this internal sound?

A truly hard question and a difficult subject. "Obsessions Make My Life Worse and My Work Better." Stefan Sagmeister's word comes to my mind.

A craftsman's child's child, can you tell me about how it penetrates your art?

Our last name comes in the embroidery, "Nakkaş" tan. The ceiling decorations of nakkas are actually relevant to the owner of that host, when the owner came to the evening, and when he looked back to the ceiling and find itself in the worlds he finds itself in the worlds. An issue of human's essence is that the actually done is not the process itself. As in the human, space, the object equation I just mentioned, Babam Erdogan embroidery was also a third generation of Gaziantep from Gaziantep to Istanbul, he had a memorable childhood. Made the restoration and interior decoration of the most important mixings of his time. Between our house in Kanlıca, a 17-meter yacht was built in the workshop. I've always been honored to be such-respected and productive father. The abim Ahmet embroidery, who has always guides me in the phase of my ideas and has chosen on my side at the early age. It also has a technique intelligence and power that cannot be compared to anyone in the production and material. At the same time, Turkey's first generation of industrial design graduates and my most important reasons to step into this world ... I feel that this study discipline from my parents and genetically me to be a donated responsibility of the codes that passed to me. Being dedicated to your dreams without fearless dreams and I guess I can also feel some intersection points and I'm very surprised in the face of this situation every time.

What is your relationship status with Siri?

SHE WE WILL SUCK A Slightly SHE, "SORRY I DIDN'T GET THAT," SHE SHE. "That's ok," I say. Needs a little more time.

What is the point of view of NFT?

NFT The subject of the future is actually a hint of quick changes that the future will continue to bring to us. It seems to open the door of a new and more democratic age for artists producing in the digital world. I also see the subject as a new format I can process the feelings of feeling that I cannot express before. When we return from the future, these years will determine the milad of this new format. I personally don't think that this curve will turn over. However, it should be measured by the factual value and sincerity to the opposite side of a job, not the technique used. It will also make time as always.

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