The abstract version of my relationship with time is keeping me in constant production.

Lara Kamhi

It is more accurate to say I have a matter of me. In this respect, it is exploring the versatile structure of reality perception and trying to share my observations.

You have the ability to express itself as a visual artist, you have the ability to express extraordinarily and decide these superpowers and decide on our top. What is your mission?

Having the fear of misunderstanding from childhood, inadequate concern and various ethnic / cultural infrastructures were constantly the main factors to express myself. I would probably get to an effort to explain less if I think I have super forces. It is more accurate to say I have a matter of me instead of missions. In this respect, it is exploring the versatile structure of reality perception and trying to share my observations.

Is there a virtue that you argue?

Honesty. Must be honest most of yourself. This will naturally bring us as many other virtues.

Sit and inspiration is not expected. Can you tell me about the inspiration journey to the works of the display in Shopi Go Art?

I see these studies as one of the most important stages of the creative process I produce. While taking care of the video art and analog film, I started to produce the screen and the work that spreads its limits. This technical change has brought an intellectual acceleration. While the head of the identity and belonging subjects, I started to be interested in the objective structure of the video and the film. While my attention is illustrated by pictorial and textural, digital and non-tissue realities, my practice has passed a hybrid plane that host both traditional and digital media. In the contemporary context, I am free from the sharp lines, it represents my period that I switched to the abstract of the concrete.

What did the works on the display of Shopi Go Art?

In the forest road between the Belbeye Park and Hamsthead, we would probably hear a chorus that the winds of the wind in the wind in the wind in the wind, under the sound of the sound and dry leaves under my steps. From time to time, it would be a magic buzzing that surprised the reality he knows, as the end of the end that is chosen like a real melody, like nothing.

You are in a continuous production; In this case what is your relationship with the time?

I guess the abstract state of my relationship with time is keeping me in constant production. When this issue is made, it comes to the author of Rolland Barthes on the holiday of the holiday in the holiday of the Mittologies. Le Figaro Journal is photographing André Gide on holiday time and doing a news using this title.
However, Barthes argues that a writer continues to use the creative and thinking capacity on vacation and it cannot be possible to be on vacation.

You like to use technology in your art; Do you have a mission as to make the audience more reconciliated with technology ... do you think it is still an exclusion due to a pre-judiciary in the art of artistic perception?

From whether there is a prejudice yet, it is submitted by some institutions under the name 'Entertainment'.
As this opinion is worth, it brings the risk of losing the value of the work. With the beginning of the hybrid areas to form rapidly, we are stripped from a critical structure, we are starting to encounter the images that are fascinating the masses as well as in the form of resort. Although the prejudice is destroyed, the critical approach in the art has begun to be demolished.
Is this type of developments positive? I do not think so.
It is perhaps the most healthy: the end of the best is all the vehicle, the digital camera, also paint also, as well. These are not the factors that make him be perceived.

Which habit did you last last?

I thought it was virtue not to see the defect. I realized that the fragile egos were more than humble as it should be taline. I created excuses, grips, reasons for the negative behaviors of others. This has begun to give even more awful results. I don't say that I completely gave up my habit, but I'm trying to do it, even I think I'm quite a guide.

Is there a continuous repetitive loop or her life?

I have recently discovered a cycle of 9-10 years. In a triangle, I'm experiencing similar events in friendship, relationship, family axis I guess I guess it's in these loops. Although events are increasingly scattering my reactions are mature. As they see cyclic repetitions, it says 'I don't come to the game' more often, I wink to life.

Are you encountering LARA from the future? What did you first ask him?

In a dream, I was at the end of the Future Lara, at the end of their 60 years. I have never seen in a few seconds in his body, it wouldn't be in mind in any circumstances but he was in the place in my mind at that Lara. I don't worry since this dream obviously, 'What future Lara?' She's coming to ask. But the good news is that it was no case left to grow old in that future :)

So if you are able to return to the past and give a recommendation to the 16th Lara, what about you?

Suspicious of those who push you to self-doubt not yourself. Every hurting is his own hurt in fact.

Is there anything more and you are in the machine, are there anything you do to ground?

I have dozens of plants in my house from the seed or branch. Dealing with them is a lot of helping at times that we can't get out of the house. Meditation and sports are also part of my regular routine. However, despite the sensation of a number of hypnosis due to working with the screen and computer, it sounds good to make long walks that I observed carefully. I have walks in which my steps are relatively fast in the name of remembering that I am in motion in a moving world. I'm attracting a scene of natural follow-up in my mind.

You say you are liking the reality from the realities that open new pages in multiplying, reproduced digital collages or a technical error. How should we dream of your reality?

My reality is obviously not very different from that. None of us exempt from this situation is unfortunately.

When you come to a road separation, what are you and how do you decide? Do you get or are you staying in the stream?

I can say I'm staying in the flow but this can be described as a state of recalling a decision already taken. It's like the familiar main self handed.

One of the most life-burning side effects of producing is too critical approaching the artist's self and its works. How to silence or use this internal sound

Creating makes me be someone less criticizing myself. My mind is out of this phase, social prints, molds and narratives. This process itself shows me that other facts are possible. My work is the parts of my life process only. Not as the finished objects, it helps me to look as the evaluation stages of this critical process.

Though a planet, what would you put your name?

I guess that I would be hard to find the best of Gaia.

If you were a special day, 'What would the whole world be celebrating?

Anyone can be a day with his own birthday, I wonder how it would be?

If you were a character from mythology; Who would you be and why?

I am pleased to be the fairy of the Lauium River, thanks.

How do you convert your traumas to super power?

Going to a psychologist is among my favorite activities. I advise!

What is your relationship status with Siri?

In the day 'hey siri, classic music player?' If you are at night, do you steal 'Hey Siri, lightning bolt?' Coming to go through our reporter. Sometimes I'm asking, I'm asking the questions, telling.

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