Boris Bidjan Saberi is known as the foremost designer of avantgard menswear. The urban menswear brand, which he founded in 2007, draws inspiration from street and skateboard culture, while making references to city life with its elaborate sophisticated and functional style. Saberi, who is half German and half Iranian, created urban designs inspired by the skateboarding culture and hip-hop music he lived in his youth, and defined these pieces as “dark hip-hop”. Boris Bidjan Saberi's designs often have a monochromatic color palette. It is also possible to see sharp lines and asymmetrical cuts in their designs. For Saberi, who is constantly committed to innovation, experimentation is of great importance, so he has worked with leather, steel, resin, tar, wax and even blood in his past collections. It breaks the traditional boundaries with the material combinations it uses in every collection. He explains why he made his 11 collections by being very inspired by the mafia. Saberi, aiming to be a little more serious and more classic while creating the collection, needs a gang and a group of people for each collection, while the community he inspired in this collection is the mafia. Saberi, all collections of which are a reflection of himself, creates a collection as he feels rather than based on a movie or a music. Taking the jeans, suits and jackets that should be in a man's closet and completely changing them, Saberi created his own jeans, suits and jackets. All the pieces in the collection are designed as he wants them to stand on himself. That's why he doesn't draw much, he designs and sews directly on it. ÜRÜNLER