Aperlai, the shoe brand founded by Alessandra Lanvin in 2009, takes its name from the ancient Lycian city. The founder of the brand, 30-year-old Alessandra Lanvin, has degrees in politics and art history and has worked for many years in Paris as a talent scout in the luxury fashion industry. Aperlai's sophisticated main motifs consist of pure graphic lines, contrasts and asymmetry. The materials used by the artist are from Jackson Pollock, Picasso and Mondrian for colors and for forms Besides Lovegrove, it is inspired by vintage pieces. The unusual and exclusive materials used consist of amazing selections such as exotic skins, python and stingray skin, and the shoes all come to life in the hands of artisans near Venice. The Geisha model is a shoe that, in addition to being a reference to cubism, is Aperlai's signature. Aperlai shoes are also a favorite of Hollywood celebrities such as Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively, Kate Bosworth, Jessica Alba. ÜRÜNLER