Get a unique style with Aslı Filinta, who started her fashion career in New York in 2008 and whose designs have been sold in many metropolises such as New York, London, Paris and Dubai. Although Aslı Filinta's designs seem to be based on young women and femininity, her main interest lies in creating timeless, unique and colorful designs. The designer, who constantly observes his own culture, achieves a unique sophistication by combining basic and different pieces in his collections. Those who follow Filinta closely are a story and music of all their collections; He knows well that he has a song and a book. The source of inspiration for the SS'13 collection is the stage costumes designed by painter Fikret Mualla for the artist Semiha Berksoy. Designers and Agents in New York with its first collection Monkey Town; With his second collection, he attended The Mood fairs in Tokyo and attracted more attention from international fashion circles. With his second collection inspired by Galata Tower, he won the Who''s Next contest, his designs started to be sold in the private stores of Comme Des Garcons with the invitation of Japanese Vogue. Filinta's designs are still sold in many famous shops around the world, including Harvey Nichols Dubai. ÜRÜNLER