Bread&Boxers underwear, the packages of which are designed with inspiration from bread bags, are now in Turkey after boutique hotels and concept boutiques in Europe! One morning in 2008, two friends Alexander Palmgren and Henrik Lindahl wake up in a hotel room at the far end of the Atlantic. They are staying with the clothes they were wearing the day before because they lost their luggage the day before. Although they didn't start the day well, that day happens to be the day Bread&Boxers was born. That quality and comfortable underwear is vital and the creators of the brand, arguing that it should be as practical as buying bread and at the same time easily accessible, first of all offered their products for sale in mini-bars of luxury hotels. Bread& Boxers, which can be found in mini bars, have become a lifesaver for those who travel with few belongings. In a short time, the brand, which attracted great attention, managed to get out of the hotel room and take its place in selected boutiques in Europe. ÜRÜNLER