Filles à Papa was founded in 2009 in the Liege region, which is often kept off Belgium's fashion map. Carol and Sarah Piron, two siblings, are a fashion at the point of escape from this small area where they were born Photographyshe met Gregort Derkenne, who had a wife, and the trio soon came to the conclusion that fashion and style are a matter of identity. Filles à Papa is a brand that reveals the paradoxes within the concept of "modern" and looks at each topic from a certain distance and with a certain attitude. The brand name, which means "daddy's girl", is a reference to the ready-to-wear industry that revolves around boutiques, magazines and it-girls at this point. We come across a very unique collection the resulting Filles à Papa"s clothes contain various variables like a cocktail and create a harmony within themselves with the result it has achieved. Filles à Papa, who writes a manifesto to herself with each collection, draws a portrait of a woman who takes her charm from her aggressiveness and does not forget about the rock star in her. ÜRÜNLER