When Polaroid announced the end of the instant film in 2008, Impossible stepped forward and bought the last factory left. But the machines were gone and the supply chain had already been destroyed. So Impossible had to reinvent the instant movie if he wanted to keep the instant movie alive. Eight years later, with the help of great chemists, engineers and photographers, Impossible became the only name in the entire world to be able to make the original instant film format. Color and black and white films have been created for the Polaroid 600 and SX-70's. In addition, iconic Polaroid models have been reinterpreted and become members of the Impossible family. In order to make you feel happy to be able to press the shutter and take the photo in your hands, Impossible has continued this hard work for eight years. He wanted you to keep your most special moments and display them in your living spaces, and make perfect gifts for your loved ones with these instant photos. For this reason, he brought analog snapshot back to life in the digital age. ÜRÜNLER