Joshua Sanders is the latest talent to combine Italian taste with the cosmopolitan look of the fashion world. With this talent, he brings couture to the street. Born in New York City in 1986, Joshua gets his passion for discovery from his father, who is an antique dealer in Brooklyn. After his high school education, he decides that there is only one right school for him: Parson School of Design. In this groundbreaking academy, Joshua aims to see fashion as an object, image, text, practice, theory and concept and to understand its complex structure he is learning to adapt to the modern world by combining it with identities, history and culture. You can guess the next step; she decides to go to the capital of fashion, to Paris. She communicates with the most important names in the fashion world, which gives her the opportunity to develop her talents in a short period of time, such as a few months. Maje is starting to advise famous French brands such as Isabel Marant and Sandro. It becomes a bridge between designers and brands and an opportunity to design some exclusive collections Dec he's catching it. Although her designs are very popular and she receives offers from many brands, she decides to be at the head of her own brand. The result? Joshua is now a consultant for several French brands and special projects. At the same time, he is busy announcing to the whole world a capsule collection of shoes and baseball caps under the name Joshua Sanders. The concept is Street Couture… ÜRÜNLER