Marcelo Burlon's t-shirt collection County of Milan stands out with its simple and effective designs. T-shirts, wearable of the blank canvas; a playground, a declaration of intent, even a political manifesto. Marcelo Burlon sees the t-shirt as a revolutionary tool to express his multicultural vision. Graphic designer Giorgio Di Salvo brings to life his t-shirts with iconographic elements from different cultures. The motifs on his t-shirts have a kaleidoscope-like aspect; powerful and surprising images that visually capture you. Born in Patagonia, Marcelo Burlon is a designer who has been successful in every field he has stepped in, from DJing to PR, to being a stylist, editor and art director. Marcelo Burlon's visual diversity and Milan's passion for fashion come together to create unique designs. It brings together iconographic elements belonging to different cultures, bringing together traditional symbols of Patagonia with rave culture. ÜRÜNLER