Marsèll, which was established in 2001, carries out its entire production in Italy. Hand workmanship and the quality of the materials used are among the most important features. The perfect combination of form, color and fabric characterizes Marsèll's approach to shoe making. Sharp and classic shapes go through a pleasant disfiguring process. A simple detail is given a visual clarity, eliminated or shaped in a sculptural form. Marsèll manages to catch the difference without going beyond the classical line with its handmade designs. The fine details and structure of the high quality leather and rubber shoes used continue to reflect the traditional style. While shoes and bags continue to be one of the most important objects of daily life, they gain a new meaning thanks to the rearrangement of the balance of all components. As a new blend of innovation and tradition, Marsèll reflects modern classicism in a new angle. In 2006, it opened showrooms in Milan and then in Paris and New York. Marsèll makes a tangible statement on design. Soft color tones and meticulous finishing add a change to utilitarism. ÜRÜNLER