MiH Jeans, the brand of celebrities such as Farah Fawcett and Jane Birkin in the 70's, was recreated in 2005 by Chloe Lonsdale, her mother who modeled for the brand at that time. The brand carries the legacy of "The original British jeans brand", the designer's personal bond with the brand and the famous British fashion and art school Central St. Combined with a degree from Martins, it rewrites the history of top quality design. London-based MiH Jeans was first released in 1969 under the name 'Made in Heaven'. Continuing its reputation from the point it left, MiH Jeans make the legs look long and the silhouette thin with details such as waist heights, seams of the back pockets and leg cuts. These trousers created in heaven will make you fall in love with them too! ÜRÜNLER