Functionality brings simplicity to the design of products that we use every day, which, in fact, already exists in their essence. When functionality meets modern design and woodwork, products emerge that are beyond convenience and pleasing to the eye. Developed by Mimatsu Craft, a carving company based in Japan, M Scoop sets a place for the objects we often use in our daily lives and introduces the concept of “usual place” into our lives. M Scoop has cool curves, fits into your daily routines it creates new class and functional products that will provide a completely different perspective. The idea is basically to allow us to position the products that we use all the time, such as glasses, watches or smartphones, in a way that resembles a museum lineup. The sculptural pieces created by M Scoop with traditional woodworking techniques are the products of extremely elegant and polite handwork. From now on, your wristwatch will be displayed with interest in its own place instead of just standing beautifully on your bedside table. The frame of your glasses will go beyond just being a visual material and will take place like a decorative product in the area where you live. ÜRÜNLER