Functionality brings simplicity already inherent to the design of the products we use every day. When functionality meets modern design and wood craftsmanship, products that are beyond use and appealing to the eye emerge. Developed by the Japan-based engraving firm Mimatsu Craft, M Scoop determines a place for the objects we use frequently in our daily lives and puts the concept of “usual place” into our lives. M Scoop creates new class and functional products with cool curves that will provide a completely different perspective to your daily routines. The idea is basically to allow us to position the products we use regularly, such as glasses, watches or smartphones, to resemble a museum array. The sculptural pieces created by M Scoop with traditional wood turning techniques are products of extremely elegant and delicate handcrafting. From now on, your wristwatch will be displayed with interest in its place, instead of just sitting on your nightstand casually. The frame of your glasses will go beyond being just a visual material and will take place like a decorative product in your living area. ÜRÜNLER