Perfect gloves created with craftsmanship and art! Created by Nina Peter and Gregor Pirouzi in 2003, the brand has been followed with curiosity by the whole world since its first appearance. Inspired by the glove making of Nina Peter's family for more than 160 years, the brand produces top quality gloves. Nina Peter gloves are of a quality that pushes the boundaries in color, design and workmanship. Nina Peter and the creative director of the brand, Gregor Pirouzi, combined the gloves, which seem to be an ordinary accessory, with unexpected, provocative designs, master craftsmanship and practicality, and made them a modern and lively fashion icon. In the production of all Nina Peter gloves, the finest leathers are used to make each pair unique. Nina Peter gloves are compatible enough to create a second skin feel in your hands. ÜRÜNLER