Opening Ceremony, which takes the definition of sim and target from the Olympic games, is the most "hip" brand of recent times with its multinational approach. Inspired by their Hong Kong travel, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, schoolmates at UC Berkeley, left their job in the corporate fashion industry to realize their dreams. In order to share their passion for travel, art and fashion under the same roof, they opened Opening Ceremony's first store in New York in 2002. Opening Ceremony is the most recent 'Hip' brand that brings American and international designers together, acts as an international creative forum with its boutiques and gallery spaces. With its multi-national approach to the retail sector, besides the products created by iconic and young generation designers, it turns its stores that reflect the spirit of one of the different countries of the world and exhibit the products of international talents into an exotic market area every year. With this attitude, Opening Ceremony differentiated itself from the fashion world and created a creative environment based on exploration and friendship. ÜRÜNLER