You will love the secret formulas prepared for you by the crazy doctor of Village 11 Factory! Dr. With his genius (and craziness) that knows no bounds, Geek creates very special and creative formulas using rare and natural ingredients, and you just have to enjoy it…

It also gets help from very effective ingredients such as collagen, snail extract, which K-beauty uses most frequently. The most important of its secret ingredients is devil's claw herb, a rare herb that has long been used by the natives of Africa to relieve pain and heal wounds. Devil's claw grass can only be harvested for 2 months in a year. The reason why it is so valuable is that it is a powerful moisturizer, revitalizes the skin, nourishes it and strengthens skin elasticity. Another secret ingredient is “eco ceramide”. “Eco Ceramide” developed by Village 11 Factory is produced from 100% natural ingredients. It prevents moisture loss and strengthens the skin barrier. A great skin detox and anti-bacterial. Village 11 Factory's own special technology, effective and natural ingredients are effective not only in skin care products but also in make-up products.