PRIVACY POLICY, in order to serve you better personal information (name, age, interests, e-mail, etc...) you demand. Shopi go the servers of this information that is collected on periodic public campaigning, special promotional activities for customer profiles and design of unsolicited e-mail in the forwarding of the customer for the classification of the study not only are used within shopi go. Shopi go, collects information from the membership form, the member in question of the news, without any instructions or otherwise shared with third parties, being out of action for any commercial purpose use and does not sell.

Customer information, however, this information upon request of public authorities, duly and in accordance with applicable mandatory provisions of the legislation in cases where the official authorities have to explain to the official authorities, we may disclose.

The customer enters the system only provides access to all the information that only the customer can change the customer information. Access to this information and it is not possible for someone else to change them. At the bottom of emails that are sent from shopi Go “campaign if you do not want to be aware of the announcement, please click here.” link and by clicking on the weekly mail list you can easily get.

The credit card information requested on the payment page from the site that you are shopping at the highest level in order to keep the safety of our valued customers in no way is kept on the servers of companies that serve him or not. In this way payments for all transactions through the interface, between your computer and the bank is realized.