The creative Shopi Go team, which has made avant -garde changes in the shopping culture in Turkey and carries the shopping concept to a completely different dimension, is always open to adding new ideas and new people.

Innovative, researcher, creative, who likes to explore, fashion enthusiast, technology enthusiast, art lovers or design -loving anyone can be a part of the Shopi Go team.

The resume of everyone who wants to join us and take Turkey's first and only online concept store further in digital We are waiting for the address.

Jobs Postings

Content Creator

We are looking for content producer for social media channels that will add value to the creative aspect of Shopi Go.

  • Graduated from visual communication and design departments of universities
  • Minimum 2-4 years in the sectorL experienced
  • After Effects, Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop, experienced in design programs
  • Good writingLI and Oral English Knowledge
  • Communication skills are strong, followed by trends and vision owner
  • Following the trends and technology, with interest in art and design.

Your applications with your portfolio You can send it to the address.

 Project Specialist

We are looking for a project expert who will take part in Shopi Go and produce concept ideas for projects and add value to Shopi Go.

  • At least 2 yearsL Experienced in Project/Project Management
  • It will be able to construct every stage from the beginning of the project to the end of the project, to transfer every step to the team and to direct the team in the processes.
  • Connection with the desired projectLI will be able to work for the production/development of new ideas and to be adapted to the project.
  • Visionary and creative in the content/ideas to be produced about the project
  • Social media, marketing, advertising areas related and knowledgeable
  • Who likes to work as a team, communication and dictionLü can easily show marketing and persuasion skills in communication
  • Good writingLI and verbal English knowledge.

Your job applications You can send it to the address.