shopi go has started publishing a book series focusing on fashion, city life and glittering worlds. The first of the special hardcover and special printed books that will be available exclusively on shopi go is from the American author Michael Tonello and is based on the most desirable bag in the world, Hermes' Birkin Bag: "In Pursuit of the Birkin".   Immediately after the Pursuit of Birkin, the granddaughter of John Jay, one of the founders of the United States, and the daughter of Peter Augustus, one of the US ambassadors to Istanbul, and the American Lady, which tells the life of Susan Mary Alsop, who is considered the most well-known society name in the world, has been published. A third book, the legendary Vogue editor Grace Coddington to his autobiography, Grace-Grace's memories, cleverly written, blunt, vintage photographs and drawings specially prepared for this purpose, the Hero shares his perspective on fashion and the excitement in his book. Who worked with her while creating Grace's “stories told through pictures” designers, models, Photographycelebrities, hairdressers, makeup artists and celebrities are featured on the pages of this book. ÜRÜNLER