Rafael Indiana, 2021Lwas founded by the director and actor Rafael Cem Çetin. Rafael Cemo Çetin, who was an amateur in the production of handmade jewelry and was constantly encouraged by his surroundings, decided to start Rafael Indiana in order to offer special pieces to contemporary jewelry enthusiasts around the world.

Rafael Indiana is producing each of its products in the Closed Bazaar in the heart of Istanbul, which is home to three empires. Rafael Indiana is inspired by the wonderful history of the city and the unique narratives of the surrounding area to offer handmade quality gems.

The products are meticulously mounted using only the best ingredients, including magnificent gemstones and main metals, which are gold, silver and even bronze. It uses thousands of years of techniques to provide modern works of museum quality by respecting labor and protecting the savoir-faire. To ensure that every product has the character, courage, sense of history, and the right identity, it values the extremely hard work carried out by expert craftmen with decades of experience and a hand-crafted approach. ÜRÜNLER