shopi go

Turkey's first and only online concept store was founded in June 2012.

It has a rich variety of products that accompany every aspect of a lifestyle such as the latest season collections of world-famous brands, contemporary designers and sound collaborations, luxury streetwear brands, exclusive sneaker collections, interesting technological products that make life easier, extraordinary designs, decorative objects, books and personal care products.

shopi go focuses on the joy of shopping with a product range curated by its own creative team, as well as editorial content and style advice on its website. It creates an ideal platform for all fashion, art, technology and design lovers who want to discover something new.

Inspired by Japan, which shapes trends in the fashion world, shopi go created its logo with Japanese letters meaning 'shopping' in Kanji alphabet. shopi go appeals not to those who blindly follow fashion in Turkey, but to those who personalise what they like and want to reflect their individuality in what they wear.

shopi go ART

shopi go ART is a platform that believes that it is inevitable to facilitate access to art and aims to discover contemporary art with a careful selection and bring it to everyone. shopi go ART, which sets out with the belief that art can only survive if it is embraced by all segments of society, acts with the idea that the bond between the individual and the work is the most important factor in determining the value of art.

It wants to show that personalising living spaces by buying artworks can lead to a change that will deeply affect people, and to ensure that everyone has at least one artwork that makes them feel good, and that they experience this experience and see art as a part of life.

shopi go ART reveals its difference with its selection that reflects shopi go DNA, pushes the boundaries and is prepared with a perspective that is always in pursuit of the new.