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I live every moment; As soon as I am, the way I think and feel.

Sinan SAUL

I live every moment; As soon as I am, I think and feel

You didn't get a usual training for an artist, you even studied finance in Milan. Can you tell us about the way to art?

I believe that human beings are born in art; You cannot be an artist, you can be born. The education I received at the university is actually an insect that interests meLInstead of studying, I wanted to get a more mathematical education.

Painting What do you think about doing?

Painting It is not a romantic and gentle action like writing a poem or writing a song. Painting To do, the headLIn fact, there is a existence and extinction per; Every brush stroke touching the canvas standing in front of it and every color, a formation beyond the picture. It is a formation of a white area, where a completely completely changed, with every brush stroke. Something amazing. A dimension you are god.

I live every moment; As soon as I am, I think and feel

What is the compass when searching for your own way?

I don't see myself as someone trying to find a point that needs to be reached. The sun rises, the sun sets. I live every moment; As soon as I am, the way I think and feel.

Are you feeding on chaos?

In fact, chaos is something that is in all of us. I want to be aware of my experiences and emotions and hit them out; My joy, my sorrow, my happiness, my hatred, my colors, my blacks…

How is the balance between the inner world and the outside worldL RightLare you? Can you provide?

One Photography We can think of the internal and external world; One Photography The brighter, the more dark the negative becomes. The darkness inside me can sometimes come out of color and sometimes the opposite. I can't balance it, I don't want to. All I want is to be me-with all my self.

I live every moment; As soon as I am, I think and feel

What do you create that fine line between crazy and genius for you?

Data surplus in today's world; The fact that we are aware of the numerous reality that we feel with our senses, and that we continue our lives as if this is a very normal thing makes me believe that it is a miracle that people do not go crazy. At this point, I think that all this data is a very thin line at the point of departure. Nobody can prove to me that I have not seen the world as I reflected in my own paintings.

What does it say even in it? What does the crazy inside say?

In fact, he doesn't even say much, to restrain his own madness, and I think that's what we all do. People cannot connect their experiences to a mathematical formula, but we all create a systemic cycle by connecting the effects to reactions. Although we want to be genius, we are mad in our lives. When our lives come to the end, it is good that many things we will say consists of moments when the madman within us is not restricted.

What would they say if your works were talking about in another reality?

They're talking in this reality already :), don't you hear?

I live every moment; As soon as I am, I think and feel

Sometimes the works are colorful and sometimes black and white mı Is the feeling you live during the formation of your world?

When we close our eyes, we see everything black, but in fact, as we enter our inner world, endless colors arising from that darkness come to us; Our experiences, our feelings, everything that makes us we are born from the darkness, and I show those born from my own darkness. Sometimes black and white, sometimes colorful.

Was there a encounter in art life that caused a change/transformation?

In fact, it is not a encounter but it was a process; When you compare the pictures I made at my young age with what I do today, you can see that there is not much difference. My work is just darker. The reason is me and the reality I live in. About this situation, Pierre Soules never comes out of my mind; “Even in the dark, even in the dark, it goes with black.’ ’As a person grows, colors lose their meaning, perhaps and black pass on them all, just like our inner world we find in the darkness we find away from all our senses when we close our eyes.

Is there a virtue you defend?

Yes there is. An old Indian proverb ‚‘ ‘without pressure, is not diamond”. I believe that the necessary labor and power should be given to everything and that there is an endless power in human beings for what we want to realize.

I live every moment; As soon as I am, I think and feel
I live every moment; As soon as I am, I think and feel

Is there a continuous repeating cycle about your life?

There can be life without a loop, I think. I also have a repeated cycle, so we have to believe in what we do, ourselves and our power, and that the cycle and difficulties we live in add good things to us and our lives.

What is the background music of your life?

Everything that is real and sincere can play in the back; Just be copied, soulless and sincere.

When it comes to a crossroads, what and howL are you making decisions? Are you buying or you're staying in the flow?

Usually I do not give that decision, the energy I am in and the power to lead me to better places already makes the necessary moves. I believe in myself, the sounds and the future.

I live every moment; As soon as I am, I think and feel

What is your superpower?

I'm not myself. I think that's the superpower of all of us.

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