Growing up skateboarding on the gritty streets of 1980s New York, HUF founder Kieth Hufnagel was part of an early generation of street skaters who emerged at the intersection of the city's countercultures, including hip-hop, punk, graffiti, streetwear and other underground movements. Hufnagel, who moved to San Francisco in 1992 and became a professional skateboarder, had the opportunity to explore the world with this step.

HUF quickly became known as the Bay Area's go-to space for making hard-to-come goods accessible, ushering in a new era for skaters, artists, and like-minded creatives. As the boutique grew, Hufnagel brought together the ideas he felt embodied the spirit of skateboarding and street culture under a single label and launched his own collection.

Now headquartered in Los Angeles, HUF has become one of the most respected and pioneering skate and lifestyle brands worldwide. Artists, designers, PhotographyThe brand collaborates with artists, musicians and extraordinary trend pioneers, and also hosts an eclectic team of skateboarders and ambassadors.