Eli Russell Linnetz, who directed Kanye West's music videos and photographed names such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber before founding his record label, is the founder of ERL.

The ERL, born from the creative energy of Los Angeles, reflects the heart and soul of this place where Linnetz spent his childhood. With the creation of the ESL, Linnetz, who grew up in Venice Beach, designed a unisex brand that reflects the youth of Los Angeles. PhotographyTheLLike the heat, the ERL is trying to capture a sense of nostalgia from the ' 90s Pixar movies, the Venice Beach skaters and the inspiration from the Santa Monica swim team, promising a return to the more innocent and simpler times. The character of the California coast and the creativeLThe ERL, which reflects its heat in every collection, offers a completely unique approach to all American dress rules. ÜRÜNLER