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Distance Sales Agreement


This Agreement (consumer) of the Buyer (Consumer) is the following to include the sellers on the mobile device and the Seller Https://www.shopigo.com/ the electronic commerce website ("website") is the following that you want to buy by ordering The specified product / services ("Product / Products") regulates the rights and obligations of the Parties in relation to the sale-delivery and other issues. After confirming this Convention on the website, the item (s) provided by the Website are charged with the payment method selected by the cost (s).


Article1: Parties



Title: HM Internal and Foreign Trade Advertising Organization Tourism Inc.

Address: Sultan Selim Mah. BOSTANCI SK. No: 21 Interior Doors No: A Kağıthane / Istanbul

Phone :


Email :

Bank account :


Buyer (Consumer):

Name, Last Name / Title:


Phone :

Email :


Article 2: Contract Subject Product, Price, Payment and Delivery


The delivery information of the products (goods / services / services) and the type, the amount, brand / model / color, Brim Price (s) I and the sales price, including the delivery information including the payment (collection) information and the delivery location reported by the recipient is noted below. If the shipping company will be delivered at the location of the buyer where the buyer is located, the buyer must submit to the other nearby branch to be notified by the seller (in this respect to the buyer will be made by the necessary information, e-mail / mail, SMS or phone). Other issues related to delivery are indicated in Article 7 of the Convention.


Product Unit Price (TL) Pieces Total (TL)

Brand, product, color, body etc. ____ TL _ ___ TL

Used Gift Coupling / Quick / _______ Total ___ TL

Order transaction and shipping-shipping charges ___ TL

Order payment sum (including VAT) _____ TL


Payment (collection) information

Payment Shape-Tool: (Credit Card / Credit Card or Cash Collection at the Door)

[Card Type Visa ....

Card number ....

Payment Credit Card ...

Installment to credit card / single shot.

Total amount ... ]


Delivery Information :

Name, Surname / Title:


Phone :

Email :

Billing Information :

Name, Surname / Title:


Phone :

Email :


Article 3- Considering the buyer's pre-informed


The receiver accepts that the following issues are informed by the receiver's acceptance by the receiver and the required order of the Internet site before the need for the payment obligation, and that they are informed by seeing all the general-specific explanations in the website's obligation. - Current Promotion Information with Seller's Title and Contact Information, - The Process of Processing Process Processing Process of Information on the Web Site, which is received from the Web site of the Product (s) and the methods that are wrong with the correction of the information entered incorrectly. ITO-Istanbul Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Chamber of Conduct and Phone: 4440486, www.ito.org.tr) - Current Privacy, Data Use-Processing and Receiver for Recipient Information Applied by Seller 'With Electronic Communication Rules, the Permissions of the Buyer to the Seller on these issues, the legal rights of the buyer, the procedures for the goods and the rights of the Seller's rights and the rights of the Parties for the products, - for the products (s) for the goods (s) The basic features-qualities, including the payment method-tools accepted by the seller and the total price including taxes (including the relevant costs' The total price to pay to the seller), - Information on shipping-delivery-cargo costs with the procedures on the procedures on the delivery of the delivery to the delivery of Ulüre, - Information on other payment / collection and delivery information related to products, information on the Contract of the Convention, on these issues. The Committee of the Parties - the buyers are not right to Cayma, - in cases where the buyer's right to Cayma is not used in the time of the Terms, Duration and Procedure in the Time and Procedure, the buyer will lose the right to CLAIM, - Cayma The rights to use in the products of the product due to the use of instructions in accordance with the operating instructions, usual functioning or technical specifications, it may not be responsible for the Conservation to be accepted or responsible for the Seller in any case, in any case, the Seller will be responsible for the seller. an amount of tenzil (deducted) from the reimbursement to the buyer to the buyer he / she found in accordance with the disorder or change It may be able to refute to the seller in cases where the right to be able to Liter, and all the relevant financial issues (including discounts and offsets that can be made for return paths, costs and product costs due to return paths, costs and product costs during return), - buyer In case of a legal entity, for the products purchased by commercial or professional purposes (eg bulk purchases are considered to be considered in this nature in this nature, especially in this agreement, especially in the right, and all other sales conditions included in this Convention With this Agreement by the buyer by approved by the buyer by approved by the recipient by the recipient, it can be kept with the recipient by electronic mail and the seller can be accessed by the requested time and can be accessed by here for three years. - The contact information in the state of dispute can communicate their complaints to the seller with the relevant provisions of the Law No. 6502 in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Law No. 6502 can be held to the district / provincial statements and consumer courts.



Article 4- Right to CLAIM


From the date of the recipient product, it has the right to remove any justifications in the fourteen (14) days without any justification and criminal conditions. However, in the contracts of the following goods / services, there is no remedy right, even if it is not used / expedient:


  1. a) Goods prepared in accordance with the special requests of the Buyer or the goods prepared in accordance with its personal needs (which are performed on the person / personal needs, which are customized to the person / personal needs, which are specific to the buyer order, including or imported / provided private products)
  2. b) Chocolate etc with cosmetic etc. goods such as foodstuffs, such as rapid impaired or expiry date
  3. c) again cosmetics, swimwear, underwear products etc. Protective elements such as packing, tape, seal, package after delivery and refund goods are not suitable for health-hygiene
  4. d) Goods involved in other products and not possible to parse with other products
  5. e) Protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package opened books, CD, DVD, audio and image records, software etc. Computer consumables with all kinds of digital content; vi) all kinds of unemployed materials that are instantly performed in electronic environment and instantly delivered to the consumer
  6. f) goods or services that are changed depending on the fluctuations in financial markets and not in control of the seller / provider,
  7. g) Current publications such as newspapers and magazines, except those provided under subscription contract
  8. h) Evaluation of leisure time made in a specific date or period, accommodation, goods transport, car rental, food-beverage supplier and leisure or rest purposes.
  9. i) Services started by the recipient approval within the time of CLAIM.
  10. j) In general, in accordance with the relevant legislation, the other goods accepted outside the scope of sales are accepted by the buyer for commercial / professional purpose. In the case of the use of CLAIM, the receiver is responsible for the law in accordance with the Cayma period, the operation, technical specifications and instructions in accordance with the changes in accordance with the changes and disruptions. Accordingly, it may lose the right to change or deterioration, if it is not used in accordance with the use of product to use instructions, technical specifications and operations in CLASS history. In cases where the seller is accepted, the product price will be reduced to the change / deterioration to be returned. In cases where there is a chance, it is sufficient to have a clear notice that the Buyer is using the right to CLA. In the event that the right of the right is used within the time of the product, it is imperative to be sent to the above address above the maximum ten (10) days of the product. If the contracted shipping firm is specified for product returns in the Internet site, it can send the receiving product from a branch within the district or in the district, which is not charged from the Buyer. In this return process, the item's box must be delivered to complete and undamaged with standard accessories if there is a packaging, packaging. In addition, by tax legislation, the return bill of the receiver will be refunded with the crops, as well as the product that will be discontinued with the product will be returned on the invoice, which will be returned below, the refund will be filled and signed. The order returns in the name of the invoice institutions (legal entities) will not be accepted if the return invoice is not interrupted). "The address will be returned to the product, the seller address / refund is delivered for the shipping company address." With the recording of the receiver of the above mentioned requirements, it is in accordance with the payment vehicle in accordance with the Payment vehicle in which the Cayma notice has reached the Seller and the Delivery Cost to Buyer to Buyer, if there is a product price and the product. are welcome. The Rights and Liabilities, including the Legal Rights-responsibilities after the Legal Rights of the Buyer and the Legal Rights Responsibilities on the Products, and the rights and obligations, including legal collection-deduction rights are also available.


Article 5 - Special conditions to be applied in the cases where the buyer gains the prize points and / or reward points using the Rewards Points when purchasing the product.


5.1. Between an organization that saves the reward scores vb. In the presence of a current agreement in the presence of a current agreement in the presence of the contract, the seller has gained a reward score of this Agreement and the termination of this Agreement is due to the exchange of the Seller's agreement and the agreement with the subsidiary of the subsidiary. A refund to the Buyer with the Order Cancellation In cases where the legislation is due to the legislation, the amount of reward points, gifts and the like (monetary value) is taken from the buyer (monetary value). In the vhanner; Unless a different method is foreseen in the agreement with the dealer with the relevant organization of the Seller, the Recipient is not available in the Consembled Organization-System (excluding reward scores, excluded by purchases of this Agreement). If the seller will return to the Buyer, it is made to be reduced by the price (seding)


5.2. Payment to the seller in exchange for this Agreement by the buyer is partially / completely prize points etc. If it is built with this, according to the relevant provisions of this Agreement according to the relevant provisions of this Convention, the Reward Point of Buyer Used in the Seller when the Buyer is purchased at the Website and the reward. The similar ones can be returned to the Buyer (again) unless the seller is a different agreement with the relevant organization.


5.3. As a valid general rule in cases where the recipient is detected by the buyer, the monetary value of said reward points can be charged by the seller by the receiver (by credit card, cash and other legal methods) by the seller. This provision is also applicable to the cost of goods given to the buyer to the buyer by the Seller.


5.4. Acceleration and operation of the reward score and their similar issues are subject to the provisions of the agreement and the agreement between the receiver and the seller and the dealer, the seller in the relevant cases, need to use all rights-authorities in the contract-agreements, needed, and the exchange The relevant operations can also do the establishment and / or other workplaces in the same system and / or to the account.


5.5. Rewards scores, gift checks, etc. used from the seller or used in the seller. Cantalized cash claims of the bare are not accepted in any case and in Surette.


5.6. The seller is not accepted with the conflicts between the receiver and the above-mentioned organizations for any material, legal, financial and non-fiscal result; The above provisions are valid and reserved.


5.7. The above provisions, if applicable, the Consumer's reward score obtained from the seller is also applied in the acquisition and use. All consumers who are winning the reward score from the website / seller to the seller or pay the reward score etc. Thus the receiver has agreed to the above special terms (also).


Article 6 - Security-Privacy, Personal Information, Electronic Communications and Intellectual Rights Rules


The protection of information in the Internet site, privacy, processing-use and communications with communications, the following privacy rules-policies and conditions are applicable to the current principles below.


6.1. The precautions for the security of the information and transactions entered by the Website in the Website were taken in the system infrastructure on the Seller Side system infrastructure, according to the nature of the knowledge and transaction. However, as the information is entered from the receiver device, the responsibility of receiving the necessary measures, including those related to viruses and similar harmful practices to be accessed by the recipient side, as they are entered by the receiver device.


6.2. Information acquired during the buyer's website and their purchases, the seller, HM Interior and Foreign Tic. Rekl. ORGAN. TYPE. Trade anonymous company with all kinds of information, advertising-promotion, promotion, sales, marketing, store cards, credit cards and membership applications, for electronics and other commercial-social communications, are recorded indefinitely or for predictive time in the accounts, which are required, and the The printed / magnetic archives can be stored in the necessary, can be updated, shared, transferable, transferable, available, and can be processed by other. These data can also be forwarded to the corresponding authories and the courts in the case of law. The buyer has made the present and new information about the protection of personal data, in accordance with the maintenance of personal data and the electronic commercial legislation in accordance with the electronic commercial legislation in accordance with the use, sharing, processing and other communications and other communications that are not commercial.


6.3. Receiver can stop data-use-processing and / or communications by reaching the communication channels specified to the seller. According to the open notice of the Buyer's open notice, communications on personal data operations and / or side are stopped during the legal maximum time; In addition, if they wish, the Legenous Housing is and / or the information excluded from the data recording system is deleted from the data registration system or not to be anonymous. If the buyer wants the processing of the personal data, the fact that they are transferred to, in case of incomplete or incorrectification of the corrected information to the third parties of the corrected information, deletion or destruction of data, analyzing data with automatic systems, analyzing itself with automated systems, it is contrary to the law of the data In the case of eliminating the reason for the processing, the vendor can always apply to the vendor from the above communication channels and may receive information. The applications and demands in these issues will be not accepted by explaining to the Legal Justification Party to be fulfilled within the legal maximum periods.


6.4. All kinds of information and content belonging to the Internet Site with the arrangement, revision and in part / completely use of them; Except those belonging to the other third fraud as per the dealer's agreement; All the idea of ​​industrial rights and property rights belong to the seller.


6.5. The seller reserves the right to make any changes in which it can see the above subjects; These changes are valid from the moment the seller is announced by Internet site or other appropriate methods.


6.6. The Privacy-Security Policies and Terms of Use are validated on other sites reached from the Internet site are valid and the vendor from their response to the conflicts are not responsible.


Article 7- General Provisions


7.1. The product subject is delivered on the principles of the third person / organization in the address of not being exceeded by the legal 30-day period and the third person / organization in the next to the buyer or the website. The seller sends and deliver products via contracted shipping firm for their shipments. In the event that this cargo company is not a branch where the buyer is located, the buyer's product must take the shipping company from another close branch reported by the seller. Products in stock are delivered to shipment within three (3) business days from the date of order. However, if there are campaigned products within the same order, the campaign is expected to expire to the expiration of the campaign, and then within 3 (three) business days, all products are given to the company to be delivered to the person and address reported by the consumer by the consumer. Shipping companies have changed their shipments from the Seller, along with the distances, but the average of 3 (three) under normal circumstances are within 3 (three) business days.


7.2 The delivery costs (cargo fee, etc.) is generally belonged to the receiver unless it is generally specified and otherwise specified. The seller may not reflect the full or part of the delivery costs, depending on the campaigns in which the sales is executed and advertised their requirements in the Website.

7.3. The seller will be considered that the seller is not available at the time of delivery at the time of the delivery of the products and not accept delivery of people at the address. If there is no person to deliver at the address, it is the responsibility of the buyer to follow the shipment of the products by contacting the cargo firm. If the product is to be delivered to another person / organization other than the Buyer, the seller cannot be held responsible for the person / organization to be delivered or not accepting delivery. In these cases, the buyer's product with any damage caused by late delivery, and / or expenses due to the return of the cargo company to the Seller of the product and / or the shipping to the seller.


7.4. The recipient is responsible for checking the product as soon as it receives and a problem with the cargo in the product, not to accept the product and keep the reproduction to the cargo company official. Otherwise the seller will not accept responsibility.


7.5. If the buyer has not been expected by the seller otherwise, it must be completely paid the item before they are delivered. In advance sales, the product price is not fully paid to the Seller, the seller may cancel the contract as unilaterally and not deliver the product. For any reason after the product delivery, the product is returned to the seller by the buyer at the latest 3 days in 3 days in 3 days in 3 days. The payment of the product price will be covered by the buyer if the receiver is due to a defect or neglect of the recipient. All other combined-legal rights, including the seller will receive the product price without accepting the seller will also be reserved and reserved in any case. In terms of avoiding a hesitant neighborhood; The buyer's sales price has credit card (including financing organizations), installment card v.B. Where it pays with these cards, all the facilities provided by these cards are a direct card providing credit and / or installment payment facilities; In this context, the sellers of the seller is not credited or tally sales in terms of the parties of this Agreement, which is defined or secrated. The legal rights of the seller in terms of sale in the laws of the law (in the case of non-installments, the contract is present in the framework of the relevant publication within the framework of claims and / or claims to be paid together with the default interest of the remaining debt. In the case of the recipient's default, the monthly proportional interest rate is applied.


7.6. Exceptional circumstances except normal sales / delivery conditions of the product (air opposition, such as intensive traffic, earthquake, flood, fire), if the legal maximum is not delivered during the 30-day period of 30 days, the seller informs the receiver in relation to the delivery. In this case, the buyer can cancel the order, order a similar product or can wait until the end of the extraordinary situation.


7.7. If the seller is understood to not be able to supply the Product subject to the Contract Subject, it is clearly able to inform the buyer in three (3) days in three (3) days in the appropriate method of obtaining the verbal / written approval within three (3) days, supply another value / service in equal quality-prices. It may be deemed to satisfy the commitment of the contract and the contract subject. The buyer is free from the Herbakay, which does not give the approval in question, and the acdi-legal provisions of order cancellation (Contract termination) are applied.


7.8. In order cancellations and contract termination, including contract-law, it is returned to the receiver within 14 days of the maximum 14 days. The requirements of the following rule are reserved. The return buyer is carried out in accordance with the Payment vehicle used by the product price to the seller. For example, the return process in credit card payments are also made with the return on the buyer credit card and the product amount is returned to the relevant bank in the same time after the order is canceled by the receiver; Since the return of this amount is to be made by the return to the bank, the recipient accounts are completely related to the bank processing process, the buyer will not be able to undertake any way intervention and responsibility for possible delays (reflecting the banks to the return to the buyer account are generally able to find three weeks of ). The seller has the price to be returned to be returned, and has a deduction, discount and tenzilate rights arising from this contract and blood. The buyer legal rights are also reserved on the cases where the Convention is terminated by the recipient due to the fact that the seller is terminated by the recipient.


7.9. The buyer can report the demands and complaints about the products and sales and the seller at the input portion of the Convention can be reported to the seller in oral or written manner by reaching the communication channels.


7.10. Above a part of the matters in Article 3 may not be included in this Convention; However, in preliminary informations on the website by the Buyer, they are included in the sales stages or general-informing sheets / sections according to the website of the Website.


7.11. The recipient can always reach and examine these informations and to register to the e-mail (Mail) address reported after the acceptance of the acceptance. On the other hand, the seller is maintained for three years in the systems in the system.


7.12. In the solution of all kinds of mismatch that may arise from this Convention and / or implementation, seller records (including records in magnetic environment, such as computer-audio records) form evidence; The rights of the parties are valid and rescheduled in this respect from the corresponding legal regulations.


Article 8- Buyer's legal application paths - Authorized judicial authorities


In the disputes that may arise from this Convention, the Ministry of Customs and Trade is officially authorized by the Consumer Consumer Referee delegations, including these limits, including the legislative-declared monetary limits every year. The receiver may apply to the Referee delegations and Consumer Courts in the Seller's settlement (in residence) in this framework. The buyer has read all terms and explanations written in the order-contract preliminary information (at the website), the basic features of the products / products, sales price, payment method, delivery conditions, the seller of the product / products. and all other preliminary information related to the product-related product-related information-informations and personal information with the right of personal information-electronic communication and reward scores included in all matters in Article 3 of this Convention, and all of them see them in electronic environment in the Website and Again, he accepts that it accepts the provisions of this Agreement with the order by providing a confirmed-approval-acceptance-consent in an electronic environment. The preliminary informations are also sent to the above electronic postal (Mail) address in which the Buyer's Seller reports to the Seller, and the confirmation of the order in the electronic mail is also included with the order summary.