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I photograph the Queer culture of Istanbul, trying to keep itself alive.

Enes Alba

Istanbul trying to keep itself alive in unprotected form,

First of all?L do you define

I am a contemporary artist. Photography And I produce video art. I am placed, I try to be conceptual in my art, but when you look at it on the one hand, I produce easy photos that you can say “mmm sexy”.

What subjects do you hold the lens on your art journey?

What could this be? Pure beauty. Certain headLI have things I have inspired, I pursue and want to produce. This does not change at all; There is always a beauty in my lens, the beauty I see in something, and the beauty I have created. I remember from my childhood and creating situations that look like the landscapes I see. Of course, love, relationships and politics are the main themes of my lens as the main themes. Sometimes they are all together, sometimes they are processed separately. I don't want to limit myself, I focus on this issue today, I have a completely different focus tomorrow. I want to explore all kinds of tools of art. Painting I also do, I have video installations.

Istanbul trying to keep itself alive in unprotected form,

So how in the art of politics and eroticismL are you connecting with each other?

My skin focus.
I take erotic photos, but I also like to confuse eroticism with politics. During the 2020 Australian fires, I had a video artwork.
“Australia is burning” news, then I bought a shot that I can call erotic again and I added BBC News images to my fiction. In the video, the audience first took a shower with the sound of a “beautiful child” refreshing water, suddenly the Australian fire images intervened and that heart -opening water sound, and the child's shower session as if it will not end, the shouting sound shouting. In particular, that sound contrast causes the audience to alienate the events when it follows it. Blasé Effect. You are alienated to sex, and you become alienated from the climate crisis. I liked it very much. I got a lot of positive criticism about it, because when people watch, they lived Mindfuck; "What?, HowL well?" He encourages people to think about this job I actually do. Then I continued to follow this path. A named "Middle East in my bed" Photography I produced the job; I combined the images of the Afghan people at the Kabul Airport with an erotic photograph I took. We see a “boy ından overlooking the visor lying on half -naked in front, and behind the square of Kabul Airport, where humanity can never erase it from his mind. On the one hand, he says, “Yes, I'm here, but I'm also there.” In short, we have the facts that we involuntarily involve, and those facts enter our bed. Therefore, the name of the work is Middle East in my bed ”. I try to tie somehow, I think eroticism and political issues are very good. On the one hand, there is a question: How much can I escape politics when shooting a sexy portrait of the Middle East? Istanbul trying to keep itself alive in unprotected form,

So how many policies do you think there are in love?

In a world where we are kept under control, it is an order that shaped even our bodies under certain laws and the love within the limits of it becomes political. I had a job on this subject about the rifles that made sex, I produced in 2019. Love and politics, love and violence, love and militarism are actually dualities that are not separated from each other. My understanding of love is not political, I look at love with the eyes of discovery. I do not believe in the frameworks created by the society and the framework of the society.

Can you tell us about the production process?

Sometimes only one idea falls into my mind and to chase itLI say, I will produce it. The whole process that moves the way I designed afterwards. For example, a three -dimensional job or a Painting If I do, I draw your draft in my head first. It takes time after, and I need to focus and work. But Photography much more spontaneous and something living. No matter how much I plan, a completely different result can emerge. Very fast.

When you look at his works, what do you think the audience is pushed to fill the gaps in his mind?

I'm actually photographing a culture. I process the queer culture of Istanbul, and this queer culture, or rather Queer youth, lives completely unprotected. All of my photos appeared with the desire to remove a Photobook under the name of “Garden of Earthly Delights .. The bottom of your bookLA Queer Youth Unprotected ”was. I have actually photographed a culture that actually tries to keep himself alive in a completely unprotected state. The audience touched this culture from within or outside and had the opportunity to dive into the world of that culture. In general, I try to take aesthetically aesthetics to my photographs.
At the same time elements, especially water; I love to examine the relationship between water and human beings. ”

Istanbul trying to keep itself alive in unprotected form,

How is the emotion world of the creation processL affecting?

My emotion world in my daily life is not very stable and this can become much more chaotic. It is obvious that I have a mood disorder, especially when producing. "How's the resultL I wonder ”anxiety is actually the reason for this chaotic state.☺

How to the art of inputs you get from your educationL is working?

I am very glad to ask this question. I studied comparative literature. In general, nobody knows what comparative literature is. Not only literature; Philosophy, theory and cultural studies in pursuit of the ideas, as an example of culture as an example of literature as a means of a tool. But ASAL point, comparative aspect; You compare cultures, theories and series of history.
Therefore, from history education to art history, to philology, even Photography And I was able to feed on a wide range of information with VCD training. All these inputs have been positively reflected in my art.

PhotographyCan you remember the place you have acquired?

my grandfather PhotographyIt was. They were from the same school as Ara Güler. I bought it from my grandfather first Photography education. He would travel a lot; He would turn home intercontinental, turn those photographs he took with the Canon machine into a slide and watch us. Thousands of Portraits Photography… I can never forget Tokyo photos; or photos taken in the plateaus, combining faces and landscapes. My first contact with the photo took place; but mine Photography My tensile adventure started photographing the people I was together while sleeping the next morning. Photography My teacher saw this series and told me to continue. Then, I started to publish these photos with the permission of the people I photographed. If my grandfather saw these, he would probably turn upside down in his grave, but I owe him gratitude ☺

Istanbul trying to keep itself alive in unprotected form,

Unless inspired, it runs out, what's the sourceL are you feeding?

I read poetry a lot.

Istanbul trying to keep itself alive in unprotected form,

You can put this poem side by side with all my photos. With all of them.
A poem that inspires me very much.

In general, I see that you are very peaceful with body and nudity. Every body you photograph does not appeal to our traditional beauty understanding, but you always manage to show them aesthetics?

I think I get my aesthetic eye as I work. I'm not after perfection, but perfect Photography Of course I have expectations when I say. The light must be beautiful, the figure must be placed beautifully, the body pieces should look better than it is - hereL It is very important what he hit. Although the bodies are not flawless, they can achieve their perfection through light and composition; But let me repeat, I'm definitely not after perfection.

Istanbul trying to keep itself alive in unprotected form,

How is your own body forehead? Are you at peace with your body?

I had an anorexic era in my first puberty, I wasn't very peaceful with my body. That period is very surrounded by a lot, now I congratulate my body. Nevertheless, I'm still reluctant to photograph myself.

What are the three words that serve life energy as valuable?

Sex, Drugs & Rock’n Roll.

Organ you find the sexiest?

Clean lung!

Istanbul trying to keep itself alive in unprotected form,

You stand in front of the door that opens to the world you dream of, and you will be taken in according to your answer; Why should this world open your doors to you?

Because ı got snacks ☺

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