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One of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves

Mesut Ozturk

One of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves

I try to understand what aesthetics that make timeless works timeless and try to create something new with its essence. Form inside usLI believe there is a timeless sense of aesthetics that we cannot define.

What excites you in life?

Spontaneous journeys, seeing new cities, seeing new regions of a city I know, or starting new projects. New beginnings and discoveries excite me.

We are disabled in traveling because of my pande. Well, how's the impulse of visiting and discoveringL are you feeding?

My pande forced me very much because I am a person who really likes to travel.
My family in Edirne, I go to visit them from time to time. Actually, my hometown is Bulgaria. Sometimes I go there for a day, and even passing through the border gives me the feeling that he has gone abroad. I'm waiting for life to return to normal and travel again.

Bulgaria must be more than a architect with his works of socialism.

Definitely. I love the monuments. There are abandoned factories; Experience them takes me to a very interesting emotion world. In the past, it was interesting to see the ruins of that bright period. There is a factory in every town, for example, now they are all abandoned. There are very ambitious, strange and huge monuments in big cities. When I go to a city, I will definitely visit the monument there.

One of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves One of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves One of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves One of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves

Ring vases consist of pastel colors. In what respect does this selection reflect your emotion world?

I think it is parallel to my inner world. Actually, I have a colorful inner world, but I don't think I reflect it very much. Obviously I have a bit of an inner and quiet structure. Colorful but colors are calm and faded; In this respect, I can say that my character is reflected.
There are ancient references about the forms and there is a rational work behind it, but the colors came out instinctively.

If there were a village of vases to the public, what would be like the Smurfs Village?

I said they are always like a family at first, but they are now 125 and they really form a village. They would be an egalitarian and democratic community. They were governed by a parliament with a vase of all colors in the management staff. I think a democratic board of directors representing every color would make a joint decision. There are also vases broken in the meantime. I do not put them for exhibition or sale, I usually give them to my mother. There is a broken vases exhibition at home in Edirne. In this village, probably positive discriminatory for those broken vasesLIK YAPILrumine.

One of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves

What's fascinating you in the world you created?

The creation process itself is quite fascinating to me; Especially my excitement during production makes me feel alive. In general, people's reactions surprised me. I never thought they'd be so loved and care. I got very nice and positive comments and this made me very excited.

Then let's touch the reaction of the world -renowned designer Simon Porte Jacquemus to the public vases. In his restaurant called Oursin in Paris, he exhibits ceramics of the Mediterranean Region, which determines the identity of the place. These include Mesut Öztürk vases. Can you tell us about this beautiful weather that happened to you and your vases?

It was something I never expected. In the summer of 2019, I applied for a collective exhibition in Paris and I was accepted. I joined with five vases. Jacquemus angleLand the angleLHe bought five of them in the work cocktail. At that time I was drinking wine with my friends in a corner. Curator said, “All vases were sold, and Jacquemus took it,” I wanted to thank and thank you. He said he was very interested in vases and he was looking for vases to exhibit his new restaurant in Paris. Later, our communication continued and ten vasoms were sold at another event organized by Jacquemus. It was a very nice coincidence for me. It enabled the vases to be heard very quickly and to gain popularity both in Turkey and Europe. It was really exciting for me.

One of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves

What would they say if the works were revived in a fantastic reality and started talking?

Although I don't have such a purpose when I make the public vases, they look like very cute creatures when I look later. Funny and happy, a feeling of having a lot of fun, I have a feeling about them. In this sense, we can compare it to Teletubbies. Like them, they are filling and love. For example, they can say, "Let's hug tight."

What superpower do you think of art?

I think that the artist personality liberates people. When defined as an artist, I believe that it has the freedom to act more independently than social norms. VaccineL There are some social patterns or pressures that prevent us from revealing our self. In different periods of my life, I took on various identities. As an architect, I had a white -collar period, and a period when I progressed academically. Inevitably, there is a framework that determines the field of movement and the way you behave with these roles. With my artist identity, he was much more free, he could do what I want and aceL I feel like I'm expressing my self. 

One of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves

Who and why is your superhero?

Dede Rick Sanchez in Rick and Morty. I find Rick very close to myself. He is aware of the meaninglessness and absurdity of life, very muchLIt is, but in the face of it, in the garage, which has created a world, it entertains himself with his inventions. Someone who can change the world with his inventions, but he does not pursue it, he only creates a world of his own and chooses to exist in it. In fact, I started ceramic practice for this purpose; To entertain myself. SociallyLIt may not sound like a third decision, I had an academic career, and I was likely to continue as an architect, but I didn't feel good in these areas, and I said I would leave them and make ceramics. I think one of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves. 

What would be the first 5 words if Mesut had a dictionary?

Discovery, creating, learning, journey and game.

Where and howL has a attitude?

İlham Perim lives in a maze of caves. I can't always reach him, a little coy. Most of the time I have to call him without getting tired of dive into the caves. I need to go into all the corridors and work seriously. He insists enough and manifests himself when I believe. Rarely he goes out of the cave and waves me. There are special moments, albeit very rarely. I think I have to be unhappy for my motivation to search for it. If I am already in place, I don't have a urge to produce something, but if I fall into unhappiness, if I am buried in my inner world, the desire to create something to get rid of this situation is rising inside me and in fact, I enter the creation process at that point.

One of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves One of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves

How is the creation processL should we imagine

Creation is a long process. First of all, he is looking for the misery of inspiration. Of course, the muse of inspiration is here to stay alone and with yourself. What should i do?L I can do it, howL It is a process that finds answers to a series of questions as I reveal something original. A lot of sketches, hundreds of drawings and many of them are garbage. A serious focus is required at this stage. I cannot get good results when I start to shorten and produce this time early. I rest my sketches and open my notebook again after a few days and try to evaluate it with an objective eye. When I plan every step properly, the application part flows more without pain and pleasant.

How's the timelessness of his artL do you define

It is ambitious to say timeless to my own production. I don't know if my productions are timeless, but the works that I inspired are timeless works with timeless aesthetics; dish, pottery and statues of ancient civilizations. I look at them and try to adapt them to a contemporary form language. In fact, I try to understand what aesthetics that make those timeless works timeless and try to create something new with its essence. Form inside usLI believe there is a timeless sense of aesthetics that we cannot define. The works that activate this feeling do not lose its current.

One of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves One of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves

What are the features that reflect the child inside? What's itL do you feed and protect?

The child inside me is a pretty dominant character. When I try to silence him, he knows how to appear. I love him too. It was a period when I tried to exhibit more adult attitudes. It was actually an attempt for me to start the ceramic child again and to make peace with him. At that time, I entered a process of questioning itself. "I used to be a happy child, why am I unhappy now?" I said. "What made me happy then?" I remembered that the answer was to make up and play games and play games. At that time, I would do something with legos, create shapes with play dough, or they would shape the clayey soil in the garden. I had fun myself, I was always satisfied with that individual creation. The starting point of starting ceramics was actually the desire to wake up again. I love playing games. I create games of the most irrelevant things when I get bored. Trying to predict the number of steps in a ladder, walking without pressing the joints, or trying to put an object on a target…

What is your relationship with Istanbul?
A: in relationship
B: Mixed
A: We broke up but we can't break
D: Open Relationship

I am increasing: E ​​option. I decided to leave, but I can't say it. I am the child of an immigrant family. We migrated every 10 years. I was born in Bulgaria, emigrated to Bursa, from there to Enez district of Edirne, then to the center of Edirne, then to Istanbul for the university.
Istanbul was the longest where I stayed. For me, he filled his miad, I haven't taken a step to leave yet, but I can go soon from Istanbul.

Which city do you deceive Istanbul?

I can deceive it with Paris. Until recently, I had always passed through my heart, but after the exhibitions in Paris, I had a beautiful environment. Of course, I will also make ceramics there, and there is more likely to find a workshop, to exhibit it than Berlin; Because I don't know anyone in this sense in Berlin, and when I emigrate to another cityLI know I'm going to take it. Paris is more attractive by considering these factors. It can also be deceived by an Aegean town.

One of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves

What would be the gender if Istanbul was a person? HowL would he have a attitude?

HowL I can evaluate the question of the question with me. Istanbul is like a long flirt that has been going on for a long time for me. Flirting time has been exceeded, a real relationship cannot evolve, its name cannot be put in a way, but it cannot be broken. You can't finish it when you want to finish. We are in such a contradiction. I actually made the decision to finish, but I could not tell him yet.

What is the most suitable personality disorder for Istanbul?

Anxiety disorder, of course, anxiety. In the process of pandemia, we encountered many tensions, especially in traffic and public transportation vehicles.

One of the most important things in life is to entertain ourselves

What tools do you use to raise awareness?

I'm not doing much, in fact, I was trying to remain more. However, the pandemi offered an opportunity to confront your own problems, fears and become friends with yourself. That's why I don't do anything. But I think it's enough to be aware of this and to be friends with ourselves, and now I want to go back to the flow.

What would come to your mind first if I say the thing that scares you the most?

Of course, something happens to my family. But we all have many fears and desires about our inner world. Again in the process of the pandemi, I realized that the emotion that was lined up in my subconscious, which I realized by leaning on it was the fear of disappointment and fear of not being able to satisfy people. A meaningless fear is actually and you need to be aware of it. Otherwise he's too much to say yesLYou are, and in doing so, you make a lot of decisions that you will compromise your own essence and later regret it. Very rightLIt's not a situation.

What are the defense mechanisms you often use?

I usually ignore or ignore it when I encounter a problem. When there is a problem, I never give instant reactions, I'm not upset, I don't get angry, and in fact, I press very well. "Okay, I'm fine," I say. But every suppressed feeling is condemned to emerge afterwards, and I can actually go without postponing if I sit down and live my sorrow, or shout and call. Since I have realized this attitude, I have been trying to face problems more; I hope successLI would be.

We are changing and transforming beings. This year, he gave us great formats. Although it was a difficult year, what happened to you closer to you?

FriendLThere was a sieve about the sieve, the acquaintances we had little were eliminated. This has led us to stay with ourselves more; Because you are constantly socializing and attaching to your essence and confronting yourself. When the number of people decreased, I can say that I became a better friend with myself.

What was the song that accompanied you when it overcome everything this year?

According to Spotify's claim, I listened to Lil Zey the most, ız Our way is not the way ”. A rapper I discovered this year. In fact, I did not listen to Lil Zey all year; How's Spotify'sL I don't know it has an algorithm, but in general I listened to Turkish rapL along.

What would you be if you were a special day, what would be celebrated all over the world?

The world would be the day of playing. It would be a day when everyone played games. It can be any game: beer pong, dart, scrabble, football, musket, backgammon, frizbery, stones in the sea ... I imagine a day in which he plays and connects to the child inside.

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