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The mission I uploaded to myself is to find the best version of myself.

Beyza Yildirim

The mission I uploaded to myself is the best version of myself
The mission I uploaded to myself is the best version of myself

It penetrates the art of cities where you were born, grew up and live. Which cities to the art and perception, howL do you think you are penetrating?

Having lived both in Istanbul and London has made me become “I ü today. Since I was moved to London at a young age, I accept myself as I grew up there. As for the impact of my art and vision, I can say that it has an undisputed great impact. There were very valuable people in London that I met in years and had the opportunity to work; Their perspectives, their views and their efforts in their existence adventures have always impressed me. I tried to attract people who could make a contribution to me as much as possible and have vision. Although the two cities are structurally similar to each other, I think that different perspectives in cultural and artistic terms expand the perception and have a great impact on my production.

What is the gun, the trigger and the machine triggers you to pull the trigger?

I have a small analog camera that I always try to carry with me to be with me. I love to document every moment that is pleasant to me instantly. I can say that I have a beautiful visual diary I created with this. It is very satisfied for me that it is nice to come and its special for me.

The mission I uploaded to myself is the best version of myself

How are the characters in his photosL belongs to a reality?

The elements that make up theatrical and unrealistic perception have always been quite attractive to me. Many things in our daily lives are quite monotonous and unfortunately the same. I have a world that consists of an expression of both my own mood and my tastes. The factor in the lower text of the characters I have created is actually unusual and the excitement of creating them. For example, I like the idea of ​​being creepy and mysterious, one is a very sexy and not yet discovered galaxy. The brands I work with support these ideas with their products and there is an integrity of another reality I want to create. For example, in my mind, Vogue ITALIA was the purpose of “how far I can carry an editorial project”. In an editorial shot, it would be very correct to say that “how much we can break the perception of dimension and truth” was the starting point for me.

What would the characters say if they were listed?

I think they didn't talk much, the magic is there. Let them remain mysterious and attractive.

The mission I uploaded to myself is the best version of myself

What excites you in life?

I used to be a more planned, programmed person than I was now. I still love to be like that, but I think more is destroying the excitement. So spontaneous situations make me very excited. This is the little moments that develop outside my plan. For example, it may be to encounter a friend I love at an unexpected moment. The last excitement I had was going to have a dog at an unexpected time; When I was not in the plan, I found myself a very close friend.

How is the creation processL should we imagine

I am a living person. I do my best to realize a job that I think will satisfy me very much. On the other hand, thinking a little too much and ‘’ it can be like that, instead of him, ’he is always a researcher and thoughtful process because I am looking for more satisfactory elements. The energy of the people I work for occupies a large part of this process. The production process with the people I talked about and I have common tastes has always been more motivating for me. Notes on my phoneLFor example, there are some ideas that I want to realize in my umm; Many of them come to my mind at the time of falling asleep at night, wake up to get sketchy notes to remember. There is even a shooting that I do in this way.

The mission I uploaded to myself is the best version of myself

What superpower do you think of art?

A very individual language that does not exist.

What would be the headline of your life?

He drank poison to kill the fly he swallowed!

What is the difference between Beyza, who attracts the editorial and deals with his own projects?

I try to bring together as much as possible in the common denominator. Let me even say all kinds of products that come out of my hand. I was drawing something at home in the quarantine period, for example, I like the fact that they speak the same language with my other productions. On the one hand, a friend of mine comes and supports the rhetoric such as ’’ exactly what you will do ’’ or olmuş it is your style ’’. I also love the opposite corner situations, but the projects I can add elements from my own tastes and vision are very pleased.

What is the source of creation urge?

To live the sense of satisfaction.

What is your biggest basis in life?

Everything I keep in my life and the curiosity of what will happen tomorrow.

How is Beyza's utopiaL should we imagine

It would be like Bosch's The Last Judgment. I have a book in my room. SpellLÜ.

The mission I uploaded to myself is the best version of myself

Is there a nightmare you always see?

It's not like a nightmare, but I had a bad dreams for a period. In general, I am a strong person with a strong feeling, and the issues I wonder always find their place in a corner of my mind. My subconscious was combining the characters with this curiosity and watching terrible scenarios in this short term; I remember there were a few dreams I didn't want to continue to sleep because I saw quite realistic.

If Beyza had a dictionary; What would be the first five words?

You throw
What are you thinking
Let me think

What would you do first if you were invisible for a day?

I can't say I would do this. I think a great chance is a daily invisibility, but what should I lie, I have the potential to do something that should not be done.

If you were a special day, what day would we celebrate?

There is already, December 30.

What would be the name of a channel?

Galaxy TV

The mission I uploaded to myself is the best version of myself

What did you leave behind this last year?

Most of the things. I've been living in London since 2012. At the beginning of 2020, I came to Istanbul with the idea that ‘I stay for a week, then I will return’. Then I found myself settled here. Let's say it was means, because I had a desire to return for a long time. Even though I loved living in London, he neither motivated me as much as it used to be. In the general picture, it would be best to say that I am free from situations that secrete negativity to my life.

Do you have a prescription for the pain of love?

No, in fact, everyone's method of coping with pain is very different. Me too. My medicine isn't good for you, it's your me.

The mission I uploaded to myself is the best version of myself

What is your method of coping with obstacles?

I'm trying to look at the obstacles more as a struggle. It both reduces the burden above the situation and right to solve meLIt takes me.

What is your love-art equation?

I think it is a magnificent motivation and inspiration and taking.

Do you have rules about love? What is if any?

No. It shouldn't be anyway.

The mission I uploaded to myself is the best version of myself The mission I uploaded to myself is the best version of myself

What would it be to fully approve of its existence?

I look at this as a personal satisfaction situation, not approval. Every feeling of being satisfied is to feel good, perhaps to approve. In my point of view, you always do better, because it is not right to give the answer to this. When I take the step that will please me, I think I will be confirming myself once again.

What tools do you use to raise awareness?

I am a person with high awareness. I always attract my attention and try to consider it if it will have a positive effect on my life. Inevitably, both self and self -developing events are inclined to judge, I think this was too much. For example, I'm trying to break this situation. I also remind myself that I have to stay at a moment.

What is your ideal understanding of sociality?

I am a person who attaches great importance to my own living space and individuality, and I enjoy spending time alone. In addition, I love a little instant and spontaneous programs, it would always be more fun. RightLIn order to continue, socialization and fun should be in my life in a certain balance. Although there is an enthusiasm for socialization in this time, it is for me to regular communication and socializing with my relatives under normal circumstances.

Do you have a mission you uploaded to yourself?

Find the best version of myself.

The mission I uploaded to myself is the best version of myself

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