Anda invites you on a journey. We wish you to focus on the moment itself, not the distance. To nature, to what comes from nature, to what can be whole with it… Clean, simple and elegant Anda heroes do not contain any preservatives or chemicals. Each formula, prepared with natural, organic and highest quality ingredients, unique and powerful extracts of herbs, strengthens the synergistically effective therapeutic Anda products that put health in the first place. Open the lid of the Anda products, which will first touch your skin, your body and then your soul, and you will feel the journey begins as soon as you smell it. We believe that holistic goodness will spread by staying in the moment. We think we don't need too much in life, we absorb the value of "less" and “good". Our aim; Simplifying, feeding on our own essence and staying in the moment… We wish you healing in the moment. With love and health… ÜRÜNLER