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Gif is the art of movement.

Meltem Sahin

Gif is the art of movement.

My art production process is my right potential by introducing me to the unknown regions that I cannot even imagine by thinking to myself, taking my work to a completely different level and transforming my work and self.Lit is.

With “Micro Relations, you encourage you to think about love. Is our perspective on love as a society changed or should it change?

This was actually a job I questioned the new queer relationship with the rise of polygamy and open relationship. A particular race, not included in social status, humanistLI wanted to create the opportunity to rethink the idea of ​​love using figures in sex-positive attitude, far from the qualitative features of beauty. This Queer speech offers a world on the other side of all dualism and social norms imposed.
4 different "love" state is observed, the tools of the minds of mindsLHe also triggers his liberation with his Iğ. Moreover, the rhythm of the bodies manifests itself in a parallel integrity with the combination of colors. It is a celebration of not only ourselves, but also to love others and an alternative life.

Unquestionably one of the psychics you like to use GIF. So why GIF?

I saw the rise of animation gifs while making a master's degree in America. Your ratioLICA newspapers began to prefer editorial gifs instead of editorial illustrations of magazines. The insect I read in AmericaLThe full name of Umun is “Illustration Practice”. There, I learned that illustration does not exist in two dimensions, and that the gifs I made, the kinetic statues and the toys remain in this practice. And I wanted to carry different channels to my art. Gif is the art of movement. As an illustrator, when I started to produce gifs, I had difficulty in transferring the more naive, flawed and improvised style in the nature of my illustrations to gifs. In gifs, a stylized drawing is not expected to act 100 %appropriate to reality, nor is it expected that a very realistic drawing will move stylized (this contradiction can of course be a style of style). While transferring these “flawed” style in my visuals to my animations, I try to create a little self -investigation as if the movements are not fully finished, trembling, and a little self -investigation.

Gif is the art of movement.

In addition, the repetitive nature of the gifs made me turn to my gifs. I think this nature strengthens the message I want to tell. I am also very excited to have a bridge between animation and illustration.

How is the character I createdL It is right to imagine that it will move, to deepen my feelings and ideas about characterLit is. To revive him in the form of gifs, the personality of this character and how his actionsL I need to decide that it will affect it.

Gif is the art of movement. Gif is the art of movement.

Can you talk about the creation process when designing special instagram filters for brands?

Gülbaba Music Tool to dateLI produced two filters for musicians such as Islandman and Melike Şahin. In my creation process, I was able to talk to the artist, listen to his music and produce filters in my own style on the effect he had created in me. Calling Mag's “Koikoi” filter for the number of “healing” was actually the way I interpret healing as my artist.

In cooperation with İKSV and Digilogue, the production process of the two filters I produced to the Design Biennial was very different. The filter “Empathy Plane” was designed according to the typographic identity of the biennial this year and I applied it to the filter. The user can survive, approach and move away from the plane. Our starting point here was that it was able to carry this “empathy again” article and idea to people's own environments and memories.

1970LGuy Coggins invented a camera that can capture their aura through the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. Studio Maria João Macedo, who designed all the visual identity of this year's biennial, was very impressed by these Aura photos. We wanted to design “Empathy Aura üzerinde on this starting point.
Nowadays, I am making new filters for Misher with the concept of the current exhibitions of the current exhibitions “Protecting Mâziyesi için, and XOXO with the concept of the bad effects of the use of social media called“ Dopamine Fasting ”.

Gif is the art of movement.

How to the healing power of artL do you define

My master's thesis project was called "negative pleasure". The negative pleasure borrowed from the famous philosopher Kant is a supreme experience. The supreme emotion is a kind of constant change between the strange pleasure of seeing the strange pleasure of "crushed". One of the first articulation of the supreme theory can be found in Kant's book Observations on the Supreme Feeling: “The Varier of the Displeasure Rest Not Much Upons These to pleasure and Pain. "
Yes, as an artist, I suffer in my production, but at the same time I feel very happy and satisfied. My art production process is my full potential by introducing me to the unknown regions that I cannot even imagine by thinking to myself, taking my work to a completely different level and transforming my work and self.Lit is. However, such flaws and power of MeltemLI believe that I really come face to face with its aspects. This, which never ends, keeps me in a kind of middle road without making me crazy. The “Myquarrantinefriend ğı that I started in quarantine is one of the most concrete examples of this.

Gif is the art of movement.

Can you tell us about your “My Quarantine Friend” project, which you have started in Pandemide and can follow the formation of social media? It's almost over. Can you tell us about your emotional stages?

Before I started my pande, I wanted to go to the USA and focus on my academic and art career, but I had to postpone all my plans with the start of the outbreak. While I was spent this quarantine process in Marmaris with my friends, I started the “My Quarantine Friend”, which I started to deal with the anxiety I have experienced. My quarantine friend, which I designed in the human size, was a personal job for me that I started by processing tiny beads. It was really good for me to be calm and slow paced by the nature of beads processing. This friendship, which started in the process of creation, will always continue. Now my days are passing with this new friend since I wake up in the morning and I am very pleased.

On the other hand, this project has a challenge foot for people who have difficulty in their homes like me or who are only bored. If you want, you can make your own isolation friend and share it on Instagram with the #myquarentinefriend.

What would he tell us about you if Quarentine Friend came to life?

Probably obsessed with me firstLI said, because I changed his body many times, it took me a long time for me to decide the last appearance. Secondly, it was full of compassion, because it was a project that I maintained patiently and with a lot of effort without leaving it alone from the very beginning of the creation process. In fact, more than the project became a friend.

Gif is the art of movement.

How's Meltem's manifestoL Something?

As an artist who grows in Turkey, I observe the idealized beauty of Western culture along with the Eastern culture that commemorates the flawed and temporary beauty. Since I was a childhood, I have been interested in the eastern culture, the oddity of the universe, the beauty of its details and the melancholia of its time. Instead of trying to create a model that mimics the assumptions of real life that alienates individuals from their own existence, a particular raceLI'm trying to create figures in sex-positive attitude, far from the qualitative features of beauty.

Because of my curious nature, I tend to explore new areas I have never entered. Two yearsL First, I started to learn digital manufacturing tools such as laser cutting and 3D printing with basic electronics. Thanks to this new media, I started to produce optical illusion toys that operate electronically or mechanically. Regardless of the final technique, the animation, ceramic or toy invites the neon -colored hermaphrodite or Androgen people from the same universe, filtered in space, invites the audience to experiences other than usual. While this experience also gives a feeling of pain and pleasure, it is right that viewers adopt their essence intuitivelyLit is.

HowL do you see an equation?

I see the concepts of sexual identity, orientation and behavior, not as a or b points that need to be reached, but as a continuous search, finding and expressing itself. I find it wrong to create perceptions of sexual identity through binary and contrasts. And I think all these concepts should be considered as spectrum.

Gif is the art of movement.

What is it for you to be in harmony? What does it give you to be in harmony?

Until 4 years ago, I couldn't protect my own harmony, that is, my balance. 4 years ago, I closed a temple alone in Thailand and was completely silent for 11 days. This silence outside of me made room for different sounds inside me and gave them the opportunity to talk. Now, the provinces of my balance for me to make camps in nature, to climb rock, to meditate, the visual diaries I keep in my sketch books.

Which mistake you make is more powerfulLdo you think you made it?

When I graduated from the university, like every new graduate, I wanted to enter advertising agencies. Even at that time, Serdar Erener, the founder of Alametifarika, warned me and that I am a bright and creative individual in the future and this creative of the agenciesLHe told me he would kill my file and led me to work freelance. Most people around me saw it as a mistake. I really had a hard time in monetary terms and thought a lot to whether it was a mistake. No one expects at the door as soon as he graduated, but I didn't give up this “error”.
It took me time to get a job as Freelance. But so I turned into an individual who was able to discover my own style, that was not afraid to take risks and was in an endless quest.

Gif is the art of movement.

If you could be telened somewhere, where would it be?

Since it was the first big trauma in life, I would like to teleport the moment of birth and see that moment.

What is a personal struggle?

To stop, to take a break, to put a distance when necessary.

What is the background music of your life?

The Doors- The Soft Parade

Can you tell us about the curator of the PMS exhibition?

The subject of the exhibition “PMS”, especially after returning from the United States, was born there as an unrest and a need, along with my enlightenment in gender issues. PMS was born from the need of an area where our humanity is pushed to the background from issues such as violence against women and rape, and the changes in emotion, usually associated with women, and even hysterics are embraced.

Gif is the art of movement. Gif is the art of movement.

There is a very peaceful body flavor and with your works, a kind of vaccinationLyou are. Where is the road to this peace?

The nicknames such as giraffe, Safinaz, who were stuck in me because of being too long and weak in primary school, made me very sad. I made the first autoportrem as a giraffe. This was a moment of breaking in my life, while in time I made peace with my own body and embraced my values.

What if you had a channel? What was it usually published?

For adults, it would have been an inclusive animation channel away from the otherization of Adult Swim. In fact, he saw a platform environment where there was no bureaucratic obstacles like Adult Swim and everyone could participate with his own project and creative ideas.

What would be the name you put on to yourself in another reality?

I used to use Breezehawk on a tribal member of the tribe :)

What would happen if you were a special day? What was celebrated all over the world?

We've always been used to celebrating the days of people. If I were, the world would declare the day of non -human beings!

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