Our curiosity about nature and our desire to explore it! This is exactly our philosophy !

As we explored the mysterious world of plants, we learned that everything that nature is is clean, honest and sparkling Jul…

By studying, researching plants and establishing relationships between their scents, stories and benefits, we prepare each of our products with special mixtures formulated by Başak Candan Naycı, our Medical Aromatic Plant Breeder, Aromatherapy and Fragrance Specialist. Decoction of aromatherapy by Başak Candan Naycı.

Meditative skin care and aromatherapy brand S O U O P with 100% natural and organic ingredients designed in accordance with the daily personal care routine. That's how The Soul of Plants was born!

Our goal is to reintroduce you to yourself in the rush of life with personal care rituals!

The herbal extracts we use in its contents gently treat your sensitive skin while raising your mood, giving you the courage to create special, precious moments for yourself.

Our products, which are approved by the Ministry of Health and contain GMP and ISO9001 quality certificates, are prepared by a team of molecular biologist and genetic engineer and chemist specialists.

We use organic oils and plant hydrolates from local and origin in our aromatherapy mixes, which are all vegan and clean ingredients. Jul. As a brand that is compatible with nature, we are against experiments on animals.

In order to ensure an ecological and sustainable balance, we use waste-free and recyclable products in production and sales processes. We contribute to the sustainability of local producers and women's cooperatives.

We look forward to exploring our botanical world together, which will be good for your skin, soul and mind!