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My first starting pointLUmut.

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My first starting pointLUmut.

Who would be from fantastic movies or cartoons, if you were to choose a fiction character?

I loved the crazy pirate Jack, I think it has an effect the most. Of course, there are Looney Tunes characters. Witch Hazel sounded very different to me, a bad character, but on the other hand, very funny and stupid. What's wrong with Andy? It impressed me a lot. These are the characters with a lot of funny and humorous sides, I have a lot of work that I have created based on humor. The stupid moments in their world, the moments when the characters faka, the things that are actually in life, but the ways of dealing with funny and humorous, this was very reflected in my way of fictionalism.

My first starting pointLUmut.

Is it inward or outward?

I'm in the middle of the two. I can say a little more outward. I used to be a very assertive person, I was very good with my friends, but to talk to a stranger was very frightening for me. Now I think one of the things I enjoy the most is to meet someone new.

Which artist would you like to be able to talk about history?

I love Picasso. I like to have tried something new and worked so hard to explore. I was very curious about the inner world of Hilma Af Klint.

My first starting pointLUmut.

Who would be the artist you would ask for a party to organize for you?

I think it would be dali, it could come with an ant. He came to my first mind. The typical party brought my mind to the Gala. I think Bodys Isek Kinggelez could have made a very good party concept.

If you were able to travel to a toys universe, what would be the thing you would be most happy about what you have left behind in this world?

Excessive negativity, injustice.

Which color would you like to leave behind?

Purple and orange.

My first starting pointLUmut.

Which color would you definitely take with him?


Do you think you play games in our adulthood lifeL has a place?

It is your hands to be able to play something quite routine and boring for you. I think that life may be more enjoyable if you can carry the game you lived when you were little to your adult life. The game is like a safe discovery area. You enter into an unlimited world, you are with an unlimited imagination; Very horizon, opens a huge space for this adulthood. I have a lot of inspiration from toys. I couldn't get enough of playing when I was little, and it feels like I still wanted to continue it. I'm just going through the days when I feel like an adult. The idea of ​​leaving childhood behind scares me. How is my productionL I think it will affect, what I am excited about is always childish at first glance.

How of the play hours as a childL would it pass?

When I was little, I was lucky with the toy. Since my father was a sailor, he would go abroad. His toys would be very valuable to me. When my father was on the expedition, I think the toys he would bring rather than my father I didn't see for 6-7 months excited me more. I hope he won't read it. I played a lot with Barbies and Betty Spaghetty, I loved it very much. The body shapes, arms, legs and colors of those toys sound very aesthetic to me. They are also compatible with the aesthetics of childhood cartoons. They are very similar to the colors and aesthetics I use.

My first starting pointLUmut.

In a sense, you make toys that cannot be played but can be watched.L are you establishing a relationship?

When I first started, I was very pleased to describe myself as Toy Maker. However, my work is quite fragile, not mass production, or sometimes they don't even have a structural structure. In fact, I realized that what I did and enjoyed was closer to artistic production. I understood that they were not toys, but how much they were fed by the toy. When I was little, I was very afraid of damaging my toys, so there would be toys I hid, some were very valuable for me. Perhaps the current situation may have a connection with it. Like toys, but not played, they stand on their places and are sheltered. Use as much as the toyLI and is not open to use. Sometimes I like to add a movement and make a small part of toys. I can discover what I can do with it by adding movements with pieces like the joints in toys. You can turn it on when you put it in that hinge and close your imagination. I don't want the idea of ​​a game to be something that remains in childhood. My first starting pointLUmut. No matter how negative, no matter how bad we are, to catch those moments and get out of it.LIt is important for me to get something out of something. It contains a good idea behind it andLCare by considering the hopeLI am generally.

My first starting pointLUmut.

It is very reflected in the aesthetic colors coming from cartoons, where else inspiration and you want to inspire?

The colors are very inspiring for me. The places I visit are very inspiring. I get more inspiration from the sun and the beaches and the colorful places. Izmir has a lot of influence; Palm trees, blue sky, colors, people, flat roads, empty streets… The colors I use are usually like pink, blue, yellow, turquoise. These are actually like the colors used in the background of Looney Tunes. My hand is always going to these colors for some reason. Even if I use cold colors, I always add pink somewhere. Those colors come into play for aesthetic. I am happy when I discover colorful objects on the street. People in the face of the stress, sadness, unhappiness that people live in the face of negative thingsLThe funny moments that can be ummaded and removed from these events and things are the part I want to show.

My first starting pointLUmut.

You often share the production stages, how do you have these sharesL has a place?

I am very excited to produce things. I constantly share the construction stages, howL I ask they are. I show my family, to my close friends, I share the process on social media. I would like to share my excitement with others. I have a curiosity for their feelings. It is important to me to be able to meet them in similar places, to find a intersection point. This could be a nostalgic thing. I made a stretch film -covered control recently, it was something that was in the house of many people. I want to make you laugh from a place, to keep the same feelings, and to present it with my own aesthetic concerns, colors and shapes. This situation was very activated in the cartoons I watched. I loved them so much that I wanted to share every scene. When my mother was doing something in the kitchen, I would tell her to tell her not to miss every scene one by one and share the same feeling with me, and I would miss a great part of her to tell her.

How in the workshopL You have routines?

First of all, the sketch is developing so fast that the sketch process is so quickly, although the pieces to be made is almost certain, there is always a space for improvisation. I prefer not not to be at home while making the sketch, my attention is very fast mountainLI can't go that moment because I'm very comfortable. When I sit in a cafe outside, start working with the happiness of being on the streetLI am. I'm not a very looking around, when I'm outside, I can create a space for myself and concentrate. What's when I come homeL heLI think I need to take it, I'm preparing my boards, big ÖLIf the check is to stick some of them in advance and wait for them to dry, I go to other small pieces, I cut, I expect the paints to dry, slowly pieces to sit togetherLit is.

My first starting pointLUmut.

Did you know you want to take care of art from a child?

My grandmother Painting would take care of. He said that I made my first pictures when I was 3 years old. His very beautiful oilLI had paint brushes, oil in large cigarette boxesLI would have paint tubes. We would do different attempts with him. The small figures we made from chalk are perhaps the first 3D jobs I do. We used to play and paste his arms and legs from the chalk and make sculptures from paper dough. We used to draw drawings, always wanted me to draw it, as I grew up too tightLI r by, I would say I'm not going to draw anymore. Now one of the pictures I have drawn him stands in my house. He taught me a lot. Always your own pastel and oilLHe allowed me to use I paint. OilLThe paint brushes still stop, but I haven't used it at all, they always look painted. Still, he allowed it. To draw a regular drawing of a municipality Painting I was sent to the course. Oil thereLI continued to deal with paint and pastel paints, and in secondary school Painting My teacher stepped in. Continually Painting He was the one who investigated their competitions, one week Painting I would do it, we used to prepare for competitions. I didn't question if I wanted to take care of art. Painting I was doing it, I continued. In high school PaintingI studied graphic design at the university. When I was in high school, I thought it was more right to find an idea and discover something creative, and I always worked with pastel paint on vertical cardboard like a poster. So I turned to graphic design. But then I realized that many things about graphic design, such as typography, were not many selves. Nevertheless, he contributed to me, I learned to convey a lot of ideas with little. When I graduated, reading animation was left in me, I loved it because of my admiration for cartoons. I made drawings and illustrations for a long time, I did an internship at Koff Animation, I think I got my enthusiasm and then I continued my own work. JewelryLI am very afraid of staying and not being able to improve myself. Wood is always one of the things I want to continue, but every time I question what I can do this time, what I can do differently.

Do you have to work with different materials in your mind for the future?

I love gouache, I can give him a little more weight. There was a series where I painted the locations in Google Maps. I want to do something I combine with gouache and wood, I want to switch to big canvases. I am currently very small, I work in business card size, because I'm incredibly impatient. I want to see the end and the result.

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