Website Terms of Use and Membership Agreement


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Terms of Use

Services on this site HM Interior and Export Tic. Rekl. ORGAN. TYPE. Trade Anonymous Company (Business will be briefly referred to as "Shopigo".

This uses conditions can change when ShopIGo is required; However, these changes will be published on the Site regularly and will be valid from the same date.

Each truth and legal entity to benefit from site services and access to the site is considered to be previously accepted by ShopIGo to the provisions of this Terms of Use.

The SHOPIGO reserves the right to change the information, forms and content that is receivable in this site or will receive the content.



Contract definitions

  • Site: It is the possible website to access the online (on-line) media in which various services and ingredients are presented in the frame specified by the ShopIGo.
  • Member: SHOPIGO is an accepted real and legal person by approving memberships by SHOPIGO by confirming the membership form, who wants to benefit from ShopIGo to purchase products. In this Agreement, they will be briefly referred to as "member". Individuals of 18 years of age may be a member of the relevant membership form in the Site with real credentials. Companies who want to become a member (Person and Partners), Collective Companies, Adi Commandite Companies, Capital Shares with Comand Companies, Limited Companies, Anonymous Companies, Limited Companies, Anonymous Companies, Cooperatives and Legal Authority of the Legal Officer with 18 years of age. Complete the relevant membership form in the Site Can be a member and process on behalf of their institutions. "Member name" is specific to the member and the same "member name" is not given to two different members.
  • User: The ShopIGo is the person who visited the website without shopping or shopping.
  • Link: This is a connection to another website via the site, files, content or other website to site, files, and content possible.
  • Content: All kinds of information on site and / or any website published on any website, file, image, program, figure, price, etc. are visual, literary and auditory images.
  • Website Terms of Use and Membership Agreement: The fact that the commercial and / or legal entities to benefit from the commercial and person-specific services are available via the site is the current contract.
  • Personal Information: Member ID, Address, Electronic Mailing Address, Phone Number, IP Address, which visited which parts of the site, Domain type, Browser type, visit date, time, etc. are information.



Coverage of Services

The services that Shopigo will offer via site are generally of electronic trade defined in consumer law legislation.

SHOPIGO NUN, the services to give via site are not limited edition; Products for sale at www.shopigo.com of SHOPIGO; After paid by the member, the supplier is available in the case of the supplier's inventory status, ie that the contract installs to the seller; the delivery of the goods "if the debt is available; In the undertied time, the goods are delivered to the customer to the customer on behalf of the ShopIGo by the cargo firm.

The SHOPIGO is completely free to determine the scope and nature of the services it will offer via the site and has been completely free to make changes to the services in the Site.

In order to benefit from the services to be presented within the site, it is necessary to be determined by ShopIGo and to carry the features to be specified in the content of the Site.

SHOPIGO is completely free to determine these properties and has been correctly sent to the properties of their relevant changes in the Site.



General provisions

Via the site, the SHOPIGO can be linked to other websites and / or other content, which is not in their own control and the third parties are owned and operated. These links are placed in order to provide users and members to provide the ease of direction and does not support any website or the person operating the site. The link does not carry any type of statement or guarantee to the information contained in the given website. About Web sites and contents accessed by links on the site, there is no responsibility of the Shopigo and the damages that may be born with the use of these sites are the responsibility of users and members. Such Link can always cut access to the links that the SHOPIGO will not be appropriate, as it can connect to their own written consignment to the linked websites.

SHOPIGO continuously controls the accuracy and update of the information available in the Site. However, despite the effort shown, the information on the site may remain behind the actual changes. Materials and information in the site content are presented at the moment it is given to the Site, the current status of the relevant service or information may differ between the status of the site and the situation in the Site. The information included in the Site, update, accuracy, conditions, quality, performance, marketability, specific purpose, and the fact that the SHOPIGO is present in the Site and are not limited to, linked to, or independent information, services or products with its fully effect on their fully. Any Sarih or implied guarantee is not provided and undertaken.

User and Member Unable to go to loading (download) and / or share files, information and documents, viruses, worms, trojan horses, viruses, worms, Trojans, Dialer programs, such as spyware, or other bad and materials such as other males or materials. It recognizes that there may be the Site in this matters. This type is the responsibility of the User's and Member to meet all the software and hardware, the correctness of the programs or materials for damaging programs, the correctness of the codes or materials, and to meet all the software and hardware needed to recover any lost data. This type of malicious programs are not responsible for any damage to the user and the Members or third parties, due to data inaccuracy or losses that the materials may cause codes or materials. Because of such malicious programs, codes or materials, data inaccuracies or losses, the USER and the membership or third parties can be found in Shopigo are not responsible for any damage.

SHOPIGO, this site and site extension available on all types of services, product, campaign, etc. With the conditions for using the information and the Site, it reserves the right to change the site and / or to re-arrange the site, and / or pause the information presented in the site with the conditions for using the site. Changes come into force with their publication in the Site. With the use of the Site or input to the Site, these changes are deemed adopted. These conditions also apply to other web pages given. SHOPIGO, breach of contract, as a result of unfair verb, negligence or other reasons; The transaction is interrupted, errors, negligence, deduction, delay, lost, process or delay of communication, computer virus, communication error, burglary, disposal, or permitted to enroll in the registration, modifying or using any responsibility.

Due to the services provided by third parties within the site, Shopigo has no responsibility for Shopigo authorized dealers of Shopigo, which is cooperated by the SHOPIGO.

The information provided and published by any third person are the responsibility of the third parties that make these actions in the accuracy of the content, visual and auditory imagery and the compliance of the law. SHOPIGO does not commit to the safety, accuracy and law of the services provided by third parties.

Those who use the site can only trade on the site for law only and personal purposes. The legal and criminal responsibilities of users and member's legal and criminal responsibilities in each transaction and action in the site are belong to them. Each user and each members are committed to that the SHOPIGO and / or other third person will constitute any activity to be rape to rape. There is no direct and / or indirect responsibility of the SHOPIGO due to the damages that the user and the members are due to their activities on the site.

The owner of this site is SHOPIGO. Information on this Site, with the programs for protection of information on writing and intellectual property rights with articles and intellectual property rights, Pages Layout and Site's presentation of Shopigo or Shopigo's allowance and licenses received by the SHOPIGO or SITE. is in its ownership. All types of database, website, Software-CODES on information on the information or site pages in this Site, and other codes of Software-CODEs etc. With the content of the products, designs, images, texts, visual, audio vesair images, video clips, files, catalogs and listings in the site content is prohibited by the delivery, delivery, online or other media being used to be used. . The user and the member agree that the site is not limited to, and that you are not limited to the software, whether to replicate, hardware, hardware and content, whether or not, whether or not, whether or not, whether or not, whether or not to handle these actions, and other means, and other means and other means will not be directly and / or indirectly with the SHOPIGO.

The user and the members do not have the right to re-sell, process, share, distribute, exhibit, operate, share, share, exhibit, shopigo information and SHOPIGO's copyrights, or to access or use the SHOPIGO's services.

The information on this page is partially copied, printing, processing, distributing, duplication, exhibiting but possible for non-commercial personal needs and with the written permission of the ShopIGo.

The SHOPIGO can use the information via the site and the information provided to him by the members "Privacy Policy" and "Web Site Terms of Use and Membership Agreement. This information can process and maintain on a database and maintain. Shopigo at the same time; User and members' ID, address, electronic mail address, phone number, IP address,

Which parts of the site visited, Domain type, Browser type, visit date, time VS information can also use statistical evaluation, as well as the announcement of campaigns, such as the announcement of the campaigns and providing service-related services. Personal information of Users and Members shall not be explained to real and legal third parties, except for the demand of the authorized authorized authorities and the following conditions. Personal information is rarely given to the fact that for Shopigo or the third parties that behave in the name of the third parties or Shopigo's job are given to better serve the original use purposes of data or to provide better service in accordance with the purposes of their user and members.

This site is that the job is not clearly authorized by ShopIGo within this contract; ShopIGo Services, Shopigo information, ShopIGo Copyright Rights, ShopIGo trademarks, Shopigo commercial view, or is reserved all rights to the asset and information provided by this site.



Limitation of responsibility

SHOPIGO, Access to Site, Site or Site information and other data programs etc. Due to the use, the breach of the contract is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage to the unfair verb, or to other reasons. SHOPIGO, breach of contract, as a result of unfair verb, negligence or other reasons; The process is interrupted, error, neglect, does not accept any responsibility for the interruption. Accessing this site or link to other websites provided or using Site, the SHOPIGO, as a result of any responsibility, court and other costs, including Court and other costs, as a result of the use of the Site. are being made.




SHOPIGO can deactivate this Agreement as partially or entirely when they want to be notified. However, the user and the member cannot be transferred to this contract or any other side. Such a transfer attempt is invalid.



Majeeous Reasons

In all cases of legal force majeure, SHOPIGO is not obliged to make the use of the Web Site Terms of Use and Membership Agreement. These and such situations, such as Shopigo, no delay or failure or defaults, or for these situations, no compensation obligation will be born.



The law and authority to be applied

The conflicts to result from this "Web Site Terms of Use and Membership Agreement" are subject to Turkish Law and are authorized to Istanbul Central Courts and Executive Offices. The SHOPIGO is reserved on the right to suite in the country where the User and Member.



Effective and accepted

This "Website Terms of Use and Membership Agreement" is in effect on the date of the Site content by the SHOPIGO. Users and members have agreed to use the Provisions of this Agreement to use the Site. The ShopIGo can go to the change in the provisions of this Agreement, the changes, changes, version number and change date are issued through the site and enter into force on the same date.