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1. Information text about the protection and processing of personal data

1.1. In order to preserve the basic rights and freedoms of individuals, and to determine the obligations of personal data, and to determine the obligations of the real and legal persons, which are real and legal people working on personal data, and the Protection of Personal Data No. 29677 has been published in the official newspaper (KVKK) in order to determine the obligations of the real and legal persons that process personal data. Hm inner and outer tic. Rekl. ORGAN. TYPE. Inc. As the Data Officer's Adjective Law " Illumination obligation of data responsible"We make informing in accordance with Article 10

1.2. Hm inner and outer tic. Rekl. ORGAN. TYPE. Inc. As the personal data of our citizens of the Republic of Turkey's Constitution of the Republic of the Republic of Turkey and the Law of Personal Data No. 6698 with International Conventions on the Law (KVKK) is prepared in accordance with the relevant legislation, especially in accordance with the relevant legislation. All personal data shared with our company will be in accordance with the law, in accordance with our activities and service purposes, and can be processed in moderation.

2. Definitions

2.1. Personal data used in the lighting text has been used in terms of the definitions in private personal data and data processing concepts in KVKK. Passing in KVKK;

2.1.1. Law of Protection of Personal Data ("KVKK ”): The Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 on the Official Gazette on April 7, 2016,

2.1.2. Personal data: The concept ID of all kinds of information on specific or determinable real person,

2.1.3. Data processing: The actual or legal entity that processes personal data on his behalf based on the authority of data responsible,

2.1.4. Data Officer: The actual or legal entity that is responsible for the establishment and managing of the data registration system, which determines the processing and means of processing personal data,

2.1.5. Processing of personal data: The concept of personal data is completely or partially automated or that is not automatically automatic or part of any data registration system by means of automated means, saving, storing, maintaining, changing, redirection, disclosure, transfer, acquisition, acquisition, classification or means all kinds of action performed on data such as preventing the use of


3. Principles of processing personal data

3.1. Personal data belonging to the data holder specified in the KVKK 4th item; for the rules of law and honesty, accurate and up to current, specific, clear and legitimate purposes when necessary; related to the purpose they are processed, limited and measured; In accordance with the duration of the time required for the duration required for the purpose they are required or processed in the relevant legislation, the data officer will be processed in the following purposes by the Company.

4. The purpose of processing your personal data

4.1. Personal data in accordance with Articles 4, 5th and 6 of KVKK;

4.1.1. In the form of the law that predicts the law and honesty rule,

4.1.2. In connection with processing purposes, limited and modified,

4.1.3. Correctly and up to date,

4.1.4. It will be processed as well as the time required for the purpose of the legislation in the legislation on certain open and legitimate purposes.

4.2. Your personal data is done by our business units to benefit from the products and services offered by our company; proposition of products and services offered by our company; Planning and / or execution of market research activities for sales and marketing of products and services; Planning and / or Execution of After-Sales Support Services Activities; To ensure legal, technical and commercial business security of the relevant people within the business relationship of contract processes and / or legal demands; Evaluation of our Company's implementation of human resources policies, in the event of a work application, if we are our employee to fulfill our legal and legal obligations; the provision of quality follow-up; tracking of the products supplied; When you visit our business for the purpose of detecting security and identity; Installation of contact with you if you request information from our company; If you buy the product this contract; Planning, supervision and execution of information security processes; Creating and managing the infrastructure of information technologies; Monitoring finance and / or accounting jobs; Follow-up of legal work; Planning and execution of business activities; Planning and execution of corporate communication activities; For the determination and implementation of our company's commercial and business strategies, the Personal data processing requirements and objectives of the Law No. 6698 shall be processed within the 5th and 6th articles. The data of our employees, business law and social security legislation, as well as the requirements of the other legislation in which the other legislation for which the human resources are intended to increase the level of human resources or to increase the performance level and the employee satisfaction and ensuring work security and business peace, our company or company cooperated or authorizes the cooperation of our company or company. will be able to be processed by real or legal entities.

5. Transfer of personal data

5.1. Your personal data; To make you benefit from our company and services offered by our company by our business units; The products and services offered by our company are customized according to the needs of you and your company; Supply of our company's conduct of human resources policies; The provision of legal and commercial security of people in business relationship with our company and company; For the purpose of determining and implementing the commercial and business strategies of our company; We can be transferred to our business partners, our suppliers, shareholders, subsidiaries, authorized public institutions and private individuals to private individuals, and the individual data processing requirements and objectives of the Law No. 6698.


6. The method of gathering personal data and legal basis

6.1. Personal data linked to personal data owners clearly and understandable by our company by verbal, written and / or electronic information and in accordance with verbal, written and / or electronic means, law and honesty, in accordance with the law and integrity rules of honesty by receiving verbally and / or electronic information. With limited registration, the principle of measurement is collected in the framework of the measurement principle, are used, stored and processed. And also; If you contact us, the establishment of the Convention Relationship, to visit our business to contact our business to contact us to contact us for commercial activity, and based on different channels and different legal reasons within the framework of the commercial organizations. The product we offer is collected with the aim of developing services and carrying out our commercial activities. For this legal cause, your personal data collected can be processed and transferred to the purposes of this lighting text within the scope of the Personal Data Processing Terms and Objectives specified in Articles 6698.

6.2. In addition, we ensure that your personal data will not be transferred to the 3rd people in the dormitory and abroad in this lighting document.

7. Storage and deletion of data:

7.1. Our company stores the personal data it has processed in the duration determined by legislation and if the period is also not determined in the legislation; Personal data is stored for the period of time that requires the application of our company's applications and commercial life in accordance with the Teamules of our Company in accordance with the Services of our Company in accordance with the services of our company. After the expiration of the specified periods, the personal data is deleted, destroyed or anonymous.

8. The Rights of the Dataholder

8.1. Data owners are relating to himself by applying to the company that acts as data responsible;

8.1.1. Learning that personal data is processed and not

8.1.2. If your personal data is processed, requesting information on this,

8.1.3. Learning that personal data is used to process the purpose of processing and the purpose of them;

8.1.4. To be informed about third parties in which personal data is transferred abroad or abroad

8.1.5. Requesting the correction of their personal data to be missing or incorrectly processed,

8.1.6. Demand the deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of the Projected Conditions in Article 7 of the KVKK No. 6698,

8.1.7. In accordance with Article 11 of the KVKK's 11th (d) and (e) Bences, asking to be reported to the third parties that personal data is transferred to the third parties,

8.1.8. By analyzing the processed data through exclusively automatic systems, do not object to the emergence of a result against the person itself,

8.1.9. It has the right to demand the elimination of damage due to the protection of personal data in violation of the law.

8.2. To redeem your identifier to use your identifiers to use the above-mentioned rights, you receive personal data information and the process claim form to "www.shopigo.com" with your descriptions that you want to use and the right to use. " Registered electronic mail address secure electronic signature, mobile signature or respective person by HM Interior and External Tic. Rekl. ORGAN. TYPE. You can send it by using the electronic mail address registered in the system previously reported and in the system of the data responsibility. Applications should be conducted in Turkish.

8.3. Applications, name, last name and application is written, signature, signature, T.c. for the Republic of Turkey Identification Number, the nationality for foreigners, the Passport Number / Identification Number, Notification is the main settlement or workplace address, if applicable to the declaration is required to be found in the objective of the electronic mail address, phone or fax number and demand subject.

8.4. A reference to the owner of the personal data that includes your descriptions on the right that you have to use and use your rights mentioned above; If the issue you request is clear and understandable, the subject you request is related to the person you are related to or act in the name of someone else, you must be specifically authorized and certifying your authority to certify the identity and address information of the application and to the application to the application to the applicant's identity.

8.5. The applications you will do in this context will be concluded as soon as possible and at the latest 30 days. If the relevant person's application is to be answered in writing, it is not charged up to ten pages. 1 TL process fee can be charged for each page on the ten pages. If the response to the application is given in a recording medium such as CD, Flash Memory, HM Interior and External Tic. Rekl. ORGAN. TYPE. Inc. The charge that can be requested by cannot exceed the cost of the recording medium.


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