APERLAE LIVING is a stylish expression of a local approach that reconsiders and recreates the Mediterranean lifestyle.

The brand harmonizes the modern era with traditional motifs from the date of its birth. APERLAE LIVING has the same name as the ancient city of Aperlae, located between Kaş and Kekova in the Antalya province of the Mediterranean Region of Turkey. Dec.

APERLAE LIVING has this magical feeling of those ancient times, the Gods and Goddesses, the power of the Roman Empire and, most importantly, the mystics of ancient Anatolia, which is embroidered into every part of the brand.

The founder/mother of the brand is Asena Sarıbatur. He grew up near the ancient city and learned to swim in the beautiful blue waters of the Eastern Mediterranean when he was only 4 years old. His love for nature, the sea and the culture of the region where he grew up has been an inspiration throughout his life. And now Asena complements her sense of style and mentality with her love for Aperlae.

The traditional lifestyle of the Eastern Mediterranean and the minimal and exotic aesthetics that come from the Mediterranean nature are at the heart of the brand. APERLAE LIVING's creations are all about feeling Mother Nature; it is pure simplicity and uniqueness. The brand's product range is at the very center of Eastern Mediterranean life and adheres to the ideas of creating through tradition within modernity. With an open-minded sense of style, APERLAE LIVING supports high-quality production and is fully aware of the cultural heritage of the locality.

APERLAE LIVING is about celebrating life.