KNITOLOGY - is the journey of a woman living in Istanbul, who is still connected to her past and traditions, but has adapted to the digital future, knows no boundaries. 

The goal of our designs is to always have a good understanding of the complexity and diversity of our region and community members. Our slogan "Meeting the Past with the Future" is an important proof of the inspiration that comes from a spiritual journey that extends to "Istanbul and Strong Women".

We are adapting our logo, which we designed using Turkish Calligraphy, to the QR code silhouette in order to complete our digitalism-adapted brand image. In addition, the letter T is also designed to cover the entire brand name, the purpose of which is to proudly emphasize that KNITOLOGY is a Turkish brand.

KNITOLOGY collections always have a changeable mood-obsessed style of comfort and subtle femininity, our brand is modern and self-made, using only environmentally friendly yarns and materials. It offers confident lines. Collections with clothes designed and produced in Istanbul exhibit the highest quality materials and production quality.