We're old, and they're very new at the same time. We're addicted and independent. We 're past, today, and we' re the gatekeeper of the future. We know as much as everyone else, we just bring it together in a more abstract way.

Power by weave the complexity, diversity and cultural heritage into the digitalLWe are making a wearable spiritual journey that reaches the heart of women.

So the KNTLGY logo was processed with the Turkish Line Art to show that we are a brand that passes through this geography we were born with, today ' s routine QR code silhouette, combined with the handwritten of the veteran haters of the past, took its place in our logo.

KNTLGY, power with the fabrics and materials that nature allowsLA variable mood and obsession as we move forward in a modern lineLIn a sense of comfort, he exude his inspiration in fijitalis. Despite the uncertainty, it's like the sea, where it's always peaceful, but its roots are miles below the ground, like the trees that are blowing through the wind.

We are synthesise. The only memory left of the past, perhaps, will be the last day of the future.