Magoa Studio, 2022LThe capital of confusion and chaos was established in Istanbul. This confusion and chaos, which cannot be put into a mold, constitute the raw material of Magoa's handmade products. Magoa aims to integrate people's individuality and uniqueness.

Magoa Studio was founded by Sermin Dakak and Selcan Terek, whose paths crossed during their university years. The duo has been involved in the same projects for years, producing, developing and changing together. Someone Photography The duo, the other a tattoo artist, grew up in Istanbul, surrounded by different cultures and textures. This is differentLTechnology directs them to movement, change and innovation in their work. The duo, who started their search for new forms with ceramics, continue their journey with jewelry production. The duo puts jewelry in a special place among the individual's ways of expressing himself. They want to bring out people's individuality and originality through their work and shine with the people who wear the jewelry. ÜRÜNLER