Thames & amp; Hudson has always been proud of the high standard of content and production quality of the books he published, as well as attracting the attention of many outstanding writers, painters, designers, illustrators and photographers. Thames & amp; Hudson was founded in 1949 by Walter and Eva Neurath. The vision and mission of T & amp; H is to explain the art world to the public with the help of books, to create the perception of a "museum without walls" and to make the research and findings of high-level scientists and academics accessible to a wide range of readers who are not experts in the subject, at affordable prices. To capture the essence of this international concept, the company's name has been associated with two rivers flowing through London and New York. (Though later Walter admitted that he could choose at least six other river names for the name.) Thames & amp; Hudson publishes approximately 180 new books each year and has a list of over 2,000 books pending publication. The company focuses mainly on fine arts, applied and performing arts, archeology, history, architecture, design, photography, travel and popular culture, and prints in various fields of visual arts. Thames & amp; One of Hudson's most well-known and admired publishing ventures; It has been the "World of Art" series that includes 200 books published in the last 30 years. ÜRÜNLER