Singaporean underground collective Youths in Balaclava (YIB) is not interested in seasonal trends, designer labels, or the status quo. The project began while its founders were still in high school and YIB's multidisciplinary creators have continued to defy Singapore's kiasu culture—an obsession with achievement and a concomitant fear of failure—ever since. Using fashion as a platform to revolt against political inequality, the brand merges social commentary with irreverent personal expression. Among the posse’s ever-changing numbers are designers, musicians, military guards, and financial advisors who commonly favour a self-taught DIY approach. The result is edgy streetwear: fitted hoodies and t-shirts that explode with counter-propaganda imagery and phrases, tactical cargo trousers embellished with straps and utility pockets, and jersey cardigans that nod to YIB's Southeast Asian roots. The revolution might not be televised, but YIB is lighting up the fashion underground. ÜRÜNLER